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Multi Boards banned on Ebay?

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  • Multi Boards banned on Ebay?

    I think the days of buying a multi board on Ebay like a 48 in 1, 1069 in 1, etc. are very numbered, if not extinct now.
    Most of us resellers have had our listings removed, and I even had to go through an Ebay online 'counselling' training course! It was an online self assessment with choose the most correct answer type stuff, showing you that you have been bad for infringing copyright. I had to complete before I was allowed to selling anything else on Ebay.

    I've done some searching and can't even find multi boards on Ebay overseas, so I'm guessing it is an worldwide initiative.

    I've still got plenty leftover if you need one, Gamedude and Kramer will also have them, or from Hong Kong direct.

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    I can't understand the rationale behind that one, what about selling second hand ones, can not see that as infringing copyright?
    If it isn't broke then don't fix it!


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      Was only a matter of time I guess, shame I wanted to list a lowboy tonight with a 48 in 1, guess I'll just have to not mention 48 in 1 and list all the games instead.


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        Its the way its worded, dont use "xin1" type phrases or mention similar in the add and you should be right... I havnt sold on EGAY for a while because its a joke right now.
        Always interested in Retro and Current gaming


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          its prolly because ebay got done for allowing listings for fake handbags etc.
          they got a $60-odd million dollar fine.


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            Pity eBay never bothered to bitchslap those @%@^#$(!@) who sell MAME DVDs.


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              Originally posted by Mr_Staypuft View Post
              Pity eBay never bothered to bitchslap those @%@^#$(!@) who sell MAME DVDs.
              today at the PC swap meet and there's a guy in there selling mame DVD's $15


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                yeah spot is right

                they got done in france and US

                what about doing what most people say "galaga with bonus 47 games" kinda thing
                you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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                  Originally posted by GameDude View Post
                  I havnt sold on EGAY for a while because its a joke right now.


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                    say its a board hacked to have other games put on


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                      you just have to say the games are free


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                        Originally posted by coolspot View Post
                        say its a board hacked to have other games put on
                        That would still be illegal.
                        Bite my shiny metal ass!


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                          Rampage that must have been the swap in Bendigo, I saw them sitting on the table. I can remember being there a few years back and they were selling pirated DVD's so must be anything goes.


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                            *WARNING RANT AHEAD*
                            (most likely common knowlage around here anyway)

                            Originally posted by MadMikeAU
                            Deleted this under the flaming rule.
                            So anyway ... back on topic

                            personaly i think its great

                            having mame is one thing , but profiting from selling mame an the other emu's in gameboxs with roms is another

                            i hope all the jokers selling cheap chinese cabs an romboxes get removed from ebay cause its taking away the market from REAL arcade collectors , one such joker is e.amusements , ive personaly delivered about 12 machines he has sold on ebay from customs to his newcastle warehouse when he used to use the frieght company i work for , yet in all his auctions he claims they are handbuilt australian custom cabs lol with hacked original pcb's or words to that description

                            but he got what was comming to him from some people i know good old paypal an there well worded fine print plus statutory declarations from 3 arcade operators witnessed by a jp = free arcade cabs for anyone who wants to order them off him an file the nessisary complaints

                            go go go


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                              Its called vicarious copyright infringment. That means YOU are not breaching copyright, but YOU are providing a way for OTHERS to do it. Remeber that game City of Heroes? You could make your own super hero and play online. Mavel and DC comics sued the crap out of the makers of the game because it allowed people to call their character "Wolverine" or "Superman". A big WTF on that one. But Mavel and DC won.

                              You tube will be next if they dont crack down on people uploading copyrighted material.
                              ...maybe, but then again "maybe" covers a lot of things, like: maybe Michael Jackson really is LaToya in drag, or maybe if Dorothy clicks her heels 3 times and says "There's no place like home" while she is at home, she would telefrag herself..." - MadMikeAU

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