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48 in 1 full games or short versions

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  • 48 in 1 full games or short versions

    OK who can answer this question for me.
    Im selling on ebay & have been asked

    Are they the full games with all the levels ? or are they short versions.
    I have not played it that much & want to give the correct answer.
    Can anyone help.

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    All games are full except 1942 jumps from level 3 or 4 to level 30 I think.
    Been a while since I played it.


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      probably depends on which shoddy product your selling they range in dodgy levels

      but over all i'd tell him full they are pretty good products for the price.


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        I think they are excellent bang for buck, luv it!


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          Originally posted by Fish Tales!! View Post
          I think they are excellent bang for buck, luv it!
          I Agree. Excellent value.
          I had a 40th Party recently & you couldn't get near it, let alone a game. It was played non stop.
          Great value for money.
          Even got two mates wanting one if I can find some cabs.
          DE Lethal Weapon 3
          Williams Space Shuttle
          Stern Nugent
          GTB Pioneer, Bally HI-LO Ace
          48 in 1 Lowboy, Final Lap3.


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            build the cabs


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              i agree

              i had mine on at my daughters first bday party and went off big time

              got a request to build one for some little kids as a surprise xmas prese
              you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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                Ive got a 48 in one and think they are pretty good bang for the buck.

                I originally thought that Donkey Kong was cut down but it isn't, just presents the levels in a more stepped fashion than Im used to in Crazy Kong. Otherwise the sound on Scramble and Super Cobra is a little out but easily playable as I remember them.

                It s a real shame it doesn't have Lunar Rescue and or Space Chaser ans Space Laser. I liked those games!!


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