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Using the multi board Jamma interface on PC?

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  • Using the multi board Jamma interface on PC?

    I guess I'll be posting a bit more on this board since it's the only place that discusses the multi game jamma boards indepth. I've got a new woody jamma cab coming in from China and the manufacturer was so kind to throw a 1000-in-1 into the deal. My plan is to Mame the cab using a spare PC I have. Would it be possible to plug in the Jamma connector board into the motherboard or is the original board too modified? Would it be better than upgrading the multiboard?
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    First off will the cab have a monitor if so from what you are saying it will be an arcade monitor so if you want to use a pc in there you will need a jpac
    Depending on what 1000 in 1, red box or the blue pc board based they both use software to set the 15Khz output needed for the monitor the blue pcbased 1000 in 1 systems sound like they are fairly easy to manipulate as savage(a member here)has posted detailed instructions on how to add games and update the lists
    the red boxes are a bit harder still trying to work them out when i get a working harddrive
    I am going to try swaping a harddrive from a blue system to a red system to see if they work as there is some sort of encryption on the red boxes stoping any imaging or ghosting of the harddrive
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      The cab has a multisync arcade monitor and my vga card should be able to handle that. Im actually not worried about the harddrive either because I have most of the roms already anyway. I'm just wondering if I can use the PC-board to Jamma part. If not I can always hardwire the CP to my Keywiz. I'm trying to avoid buying a J-pac. Unless someone wants to trade for my Keywiz.
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        Didn't see you slip in here.

        I doubt that you will be able to use the top board. I am pretty sure it s a soft mod to output 15khz. Its got all sorts of dip switches and other stuff on it. Still can't hurt in trying it huh? There are just wires running from the I/O sockets on the PC mobo running up to the top PCB. Give it a shot and let us know.

        You might be better off to chuck another HDD in it and try that or addd more games to the original. They are VERY slow at booting, about 90 secs to 2 mins!


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          Hi spacies! Small world isn't it? I guess I'll just dump/sell the board and use the cash to buy a J-pac.
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