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Cloning a redbox Hdd protection :(

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  • Cloning a redbox Hdd protection :(

    Ok guys before I got the death nell the good old diskboot failure on my redbox hdd
    I managed to ghost it (well sort of)
    I got most of the OS partition when i ghost it I get the screen saying password XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX at this point someone said press f4 but alas I have not tried that yet however while at work today I decides to go through what I had saved off my drive before it died I am no guru so can someone tell me if this dll is what is asking for the password
    looks like it is linked to the cpu ID would this be right
    I also have the files here if someone wants to have a look also
    will be good to be able to back up the redboxes in future
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    reg.dll provides registry services in windows.

    Not 100% sure you are looking in the right area. A copy of the CPUID and the other stuff is stored in the registry yes, but I don't think that is the right spot for the security check itself.

    I thought the boxes were running a hacked win2k? If it was hacked I'd be suprised it does a check.

    perhaps Dorian (gamedude) can give some input. He seems to have been able to clone these drives before?

    Ghost is a real wuss when it comes to cloning, it doesn't play nice with anything that is not 100% standard.

    Others have suggested Acronis true image or alcohol 120%....


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      If you press Alt & F4 you can bypass the 'password' screen by just closing it.
      I'm thinking that it's something in the gamebox executable itself.

      I'd like to know how those people who have cloned the HDD have in fact done it (OS/software ver used)


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