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  • neo multi carts

    alot of talk of the other multi games

    so was wondering thoughts on the neo models. they seem pretty cheap these days to drop into a single slotter
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    My latest 26" cab has a Neo single slotter (just got to fix it ). I've only got a Metal Slug 2 cart for it at the moment.

    I'm going to try out one of the 8 in 1 or 16/ in 1 cartridges from Gamedude. Not sure on what quality is like, but if it's ok it seems like a easy way to get started with Neo games
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      yeah same

      im going a 18 in 1 as i have a few carts but not those games
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      you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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        only qualm I had with my 8-1 was just that 5 of the 8 games were king of fighters, and unfortunately they were the modified bootleg versions rather than the normal ones: like KOF 02 Unique Super Plus Magic or something.

        Similarly, the Metal Slug 6 (which is obvisouly wrong since thats atomiswave) was actually older metal slug games. Furthermore, the bosses died pretty much instantly, making it way too easy.

        I dont know why the chinese manufacturers dont just put the normal games on, pirated, instead of making their own dodgy mods.
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          alot of the rom files in those modified kofs use the same roms so they can save a lot of money on roms by adding multiple so they do it.


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            There is a few very good multi game with aero fighters, puz bob, street hoops, samsho5 Spec.....and the kof games of course, but there are a few that arent totally loaded with KOF hacks.

            MS6 is a hack of MS3.....MS3 is known as one of the hardest slugs out there, that's why they made it easy probably...


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              18in1 had some good games on there a few KOFs (only 3) for 42 US

              i ended up going for some PCBs instead of boogie wings. game is fun and cheap to resell one on ebay. just awaiting postage damage
              you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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