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Which multiboard for a vertical 2 player 3 button vertical cab - assistance needed

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  • Which multiboard for a vertical 2 player 3 button vertical cab - assistance needed

    I recently picked up my 1st cab. A vertical 2 player 3 button each CRT (CGA 15Khz) JAMMA . Currently it has a 60-1 multiboard however I would like to add more games.

    I've done some reading and the options for vertical dedicated multiboards seem limited. I've read that there are some 412-1 boards available. Can anyone give me their thoughts/recommendations on a multiboard for a vertical CRT cabinet? I like a good shmup (Raiden 2 is one of my favourites) so one with some shmups would be great.

    2nd question I have - if I get a multiboard that has vertical and horizontal games, will the horizontal ones play, just in some kind of squashed orientation?

    Any suggestions/recommendations appreciated!

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    Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

    I'm looking at the 412 in 1 (vertical) from diyarcade and this one seems to be ok.


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      ok, so I went ahead and purchased the elf 412 in 1 to replace my 60 in one.

      Before I put this in I double checked the voltage at the power supply while it was under load on the 60 in 1 and was outputting around 5v.

      Read the manual and put it in (changed dip settings for CRT output) and it booted nicely, but up side down. A quick read and a google search identified the settings button on the box. Once this was sorted, it was ready to play.

      The manual that came with the unit didn't exactly replicate the settings, but there was enough in there to get around and change to freeplay etc.

      Many of the games IMO are ones that you would play once, and never again. Seems a bit of quantity over quality but there's a few I'll keep coming back to. This is to be expected given that it's designed for a vertical cab.

      I haven't come across one yet that doesn't load and all the games I've played have worked fine.

      I don't think it saves high scores, (although there seems to be a global option to reset high scores) so if this is something you want, then this may be a deal breaker.

      For the price it was worth giving it a go.


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