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PC RGB to component converter & TV hack


Dead monitor? something dosent look right on the screen? monitor repair questions here.

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    It would be nice to add the RCA jacks to the outputs at least, but the enclosure DekDek specified is a bit brittle to try and drill. I suppose you could just leave the board open. Or even try pulling all the components together in the center more, to give people more room to work with pads around the edges - see my photo



      In its current format though, you can use any variety of sockets to suit your own diy conversion project.

      Ive typically cut and soldered cable but also used a scart socket. Which gives a sense of how it can be applied to different needs.

      I honestly think the current trimpots could probably be omitted - as for most part they are not needed and take up pcb real estate (main need was for the snes all in one cable which needed fine tuning / debugging), the design could be shrunk further doing a complete smd version too.

      Re: enclosures - there are quality metal ones but the cases are about $10-15 which makes the project a but more pricy.

      Just waiting on more parts and to test a few more power filters so i can finalise this jamma conversion one
      Any suggestion on a plastic box to house this 60 in 1 jamma board with room for the transcoder pcb?


        I've ordered some multi-colour RCA panel-mount plugs to use with the current PCB's outputs. I've also got some panel-mount female VGA plugs coming for inputs as well.

        While some improvements can definitely be made, I appreciate the versatility of the current PCB as it offers modularity (good for use in multiple situations/applications).

        For a box to put it all in, I'm raiding the kitchen cupboards!

        I've had much improved results after outputing YUV from PCB tthrough RCA plugs I recycled from an old TV. However, (like Dek) I'm hoping to get even better results with better voltage regulation. Have some LDO voltage regulators on the way (in addition to the VGA & RCA plugs), will post results.
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          ...talking versatility, i mostly finished my consolized 60 in 1 jamma board to go with the transcoder pcb.

          The whole thing (transcoder, arcade board) is powered off a tiny12v external usb hdd power supply (rated at 1.5A but i doubt it needs that much).

          I used a pico atx power supply i found cheap second hand in a bundle and clear plastic case to chop up from kmart.

          Wired up 15pin sockets for the joys, a power switch, test/ service buttons, and some component /audio jacks for the output.

          Wiring /soldering could be neater but more glad it works well.

          Click image for larger version

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