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PC RGB to component converter & TV hack


Dead monitor? something dosent look right on the screen? monitor repair questions here.

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    Ahhh, that's how i clone it! Thank you very much, i'd missed that. All i wanted was to grab the PCB layout to play with if desired.

    I have no idea which JSON file Mark is talking about? But i did figure out how to generate the gerbers, that part worked same as normal.


      EasyEDA's default save file type is a JSON file. If you choose Export->EasyEDA a JSON file will be downloaded. This can then be sent to someone else who can open t up in EasyEDA using Open->EasyEDA.

      I'll admit I haven't looked at the Git for this project and I expected that a JSON would be used as it's the easiest way to save and share EasyEDA projects.


        Yeah but that option was greyed out too. I was able to clone it from the initial page tho, which is great


          Did some further work on using a 60 in 1 arcade pcb using the next version of the pcb and flipped this small crt vertical.

          - this arcade board seems to like a resistor value 470-500 ohms for csync to get a stable image.
          - while an lm1881 chip is not required (you can bridge the solder holes)*
          - after using the jamma pins, i found i got a better image from the onboard vga output connector (these boards can output 15hz thru the vga port if the dipswitch is set to 15hz ) the good thing is you can use the existing 75 ohm to ground resistors on the transcoder board to get great results (no need to attenuate the signals with special resistor values)
          - i used the jamma pins for just joystick and buttons, audio, service/ test buttons
          - 5v for the transcoder board was powered by a mobile charger via a usb cable i chopped up and soldered to the pcb (had some weird ground loop using 5v from the cheap hdd powersupply)
          - i used a cheap 5v low drop out (LDO) voltage regulator on 5v in but didnt see a huge difference on the image.

          Click image for larger version

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          LM1881 for arcade not needed but gives a better output.
          * using the lm1811 does result in a more stable/cleaner image (but you need a resistor before the chip and after chip - i used a 470 on the input and a variable resistor on the output to tune it).

          Wiring is a bit messy but will clean up further later


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