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20" monitor width adjustments

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  • 20" monitor width adjustments

    Hi guys

    This is my first post on this new forum - I seem to have been deleted from the list on the old forum. Anyway - down to business. I was wondering if you have any ideas as to how I might adjust my monitor. Currently the image on the screen just hangs off the side edges and no amount of software or apparent hardware adjustment makes any difference. I have tried turning the h. width screw as well as the thing (coil?) that requires a plastic allen key (can't remember its name now - at work...) but no luck. Is there anything else I can try? It's not such a huge deal - I can play all games OK but its really irritating on games like Badlands and Ironman Stewart when the car falls off screen. I vaguely recall reading something about swapping out capacitors or something??? Any help is great.



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    Hi Scuz,

    Are you turning those pots and nothing is happening at all? If so i might be inclined to think that you may have a broken pot, or the connection of the pot to the board may be shoddy.


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      Yeah - The white plastic board-mounted h-width screw makes a little difference, but the coil thing makes no change - I can turn for ages and nothing happens. Is that easy to fix if it is busted?


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        What model monitor is it?? (and don't quote the tube number )

        Some monitor have a jumper to adjust the width. Need more specifics to help.



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          It is a Samsung K-series (K-xxxxxxxxxx) by the looks of it - I'd give you a number but they are both long-ass numbers and I don't know which is which. It has a Kortek board attached to it. I know it does have a jumper for width adjustment, but I have tried that previously and it is currently on the smaller of the two jumper settings.


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            if the pots aren't working that will cost you jack all to fix


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              is it easy stuff to order? could regular folk install these bits? i can do basic soldering, but mucking around the back of the monitor freaks me out a bit.


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                If it's a kortek chassis, then the width adjustment is at the front. You need a hex tool to turn it, plastic, don't use metal when its on, it will heat up from induction real quick. If not, download the imperial monitor manual of the net. Same chassis.
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                  Thanks for the second time today professor. I need to get my hands on the TV alignment tool set. I'm sure Jaycar or someone has them.


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