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    I am STUCK! my 26" monitor is on the blink - there was a bad tint of green so I took the chassis out and found that on the tube plug was a wrong value resistor (on of the large 3W ones) so I replaced all 3 and it worked for about 10seconds and then more trouble. the red in full on so you can see the game with a full red tint over the screen, I then tested in red input cap both transistors on the main chassis (changed one but not the problem) and tested the transistors on the back of the tube and all resistors and ever thing is fine but I still see red. I left it on a little long one time to and there was a slit "sparking sound" also the red resistor on the back of the tube get HOT even after fue seconds. When I say red I mean the red input or single.
    If someone could help that would be SO good.


    Tye Mansell
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