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Monitor wiring doublecheck

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  • Monitor wiring doublecheck

    I am going to be rewiring my upright cab soon with a Jamma wiring loom I got from Ozstick. I wanted to doublecheck a few things with the monitor wiring.
    The picture above has the connector for the monitor stuff from the loom. I think I will need to remove this and put a different connector on for my monitor.
    As above this is a picture of the monitor chassis. It is a Nanao model. Where I have the red circle, this is where the loom will connect to the monitor. As you can see, it is a different connector (I am assuming this is right, it is the only spot where wiring goes back to the harness).
    Closer look at the connector.

    I traced the wires on the connector back to the 56 pin connector. Imagine you are looking square on at the chassis (like the Monitor chassis picture above). From left to right, this is what the order of inputs for the pins are:

    1: Video Red
    2: Video Blue
    3: Video Green
    4: Ground
    5: Video Sync
    6: Not Connected
    Finally the last picture shows a couple of wires coming from the chassis, they make their way down to the transformer thing, I will leave those as is.

    I just want to make sure all this sounds pretty reasonable, and that I am not missing something major or I have got things wrong. I don't want to cock things up completely on my first re-wiring attempt!

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    Sounds right. I have a few of the same Nano chassis, I think on the pcb near the plug it has like B,G,R ect near each pin. If you get stuck i can check one of mine here.

    The plug you need for the chassis RGB input, can be found at Jaycar or dicksmith!

    Good luck!



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