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Crazy unexplainable shit happening on LAI NEO-GEO 6 slot cabinet


Dead monitor? something dosent look right on the screen? monitor repair questions here.

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  • Crazy unexplainable shit happening on LAI NEO-GEO 6 slot cabinet

    I have 2 identical LAI NEO-GEO 6 slot cabinets. On one of them it displays scrambled graphics that stays still and will change a little each time I turn off/on. I thought it was the mother board/carts so I changed it with the neo geo board in my other cabinet. It works in my other identical cabinet but the other neo board I replaced it with has the same problem. I thought it was odd to have scrambled graphics for both boards in only just one of the cabinets and thought it might be the monitor (I didn't think it could be so) or the harness and wires in particular the RGB and Sync. I had another spare PCB (super pang) to try it with and it worked and then retried the MVS boards but they both still had scrambled graphics. I have no valid explanation for this, it is just so weird arse shit. It is a dedicated MVS harness but the only difference between the super pang - jamma board, is a test button and speaker wires which should have no affect on my issue.
    Would any one like to have a go and try to explain this and maybe how to resolve?

    Also on my other MVS cabinet the screen has some problems that I imagine can be explained. The screen is very badly out of focus. I haven't tried the focus control yet but it seems beyond the ability of what a focus control adjustment can achieve and I have never changed it in 20 years I have had it . The screen (or part of it) will also flicker (or distort some how) for just a split second intermittently about every 1.5 seconds on average and on occasion (about 4 times a minute) I will hear a quiet clicking (or popping) sound from seemingly the monitor (I am aware of MVS "click of death" but it doesn't sound like it is coming from the speakers). I would much appreciate any advice how to repair or even likely things that may cause this issue that I should check.
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    Scrambled graphics on both boards in one cab sounds like your 5V is low and the board is not powering properly. Check the 5V at the Jamma harness and adjust it so it sits at around 5.1 or so.

    As for the focus issue on your other monitor, likely a chassis problem, maybe the flyback on the chassis. If you want it repaired, send it to Jomac.


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      The power supply is brand new and tested perfect and strangely the super pang board works ok in the cab. The problem seems isolated to the cab but only with the 2 MVS boards that don't have the problem in my other identical neo geo cab that I also replaced with a brand new power supply


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