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CRT Servicing in Adelaide


Dead monitor? something dosent look right on the screen? monitor repair questions here.

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  • CRT Servicing in Adelaide

    Hi all, I've had a browse through the forum but can't find any solid info, looking to have my Kortek 25" CRT in an LAI MK cab serviced. It's mostly fine and completely playable, however I have some light greening in the top right hand corner and some weird interference i'd like diagnosed and fixed. I'd like a service just to know it's been done and everything is running tip top!
    Does anyone know of anyone here in Adelaide who would come out and do this? I'd prefer not to take the cab or monitor anywhere and just have it done here.

    If i decided to replace the whole monitor, (if it needs it) does Jomac sell the entire monitor and chassis and you can just swap them in and out?


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    Have you tried Degaussing it first.

    Sounds to me like this is all it needs? Google it if you don't know what I mean.


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      Not yet but yeah I have looked at purchasing a wand. Just thought a service would give me piece of mind that the monitor will be running at optimum levels, rather than worrying that it's getting worse or needing some attention.

      Guess i'll google how to degauss using a wand and go from there, cheers!


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