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Monitor testing


Dead monitor? something dosent look right on the screen? monitor repair questions here.

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    Monitor testing

    I have an old Olympic Pokie that I brought to Mame but as usual I like to see if it can be fixed first. Reading archives on here and the net it looks highly unlikely.
    First thing is to see if I can get some video happening to see the fault list.
    When I turn it on I get the display of vertical lines in the first pic. (Sorry pic has rotated 90 deg and I can't turn it back)

    I don't know if it is a monitor fault or a video output fault.
    The monitor is a RGBs (Red Green Blue Sync Earth), so to test this, I plugged it to a 60 in 1 card to provide a RGBs signal in to the monitor..
    I get the second pic.(Sorry again pic has rotated 90 deg and I can't turn it back)

    Should that have worked?
    I didn't use screened cables and the 60 in 1 was supplied through an old computer power supply. The Screen was powered through the Pokie power supply as it has special plugs and I think is 110Vac (didn't check yet but on drawings). I was hoping to see some image, maybe not great due to the rough connections but something.
    If I connect only one RGB signal at a time I get the similar image in that color only as expected.

    If the images were the same from either source, then I would say the monitor is U/S or if the 60 in 1 worked the video out is U/S.

    It would be great if anyone could tell me what the images are caused by and push me in the right direction

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    Can you get to the adjustment pots on the monitor chassis? That could simply be a vertical and horizontal hold issue. It might be something worse, but the first step would be to try adjusting the holds to see if you get a stable image.

    Are you sure the monitor is 15khz? A lot of pokie monitors were 31khz, depending on the age of the pokie. If you post a good picture of the monitor chassis, someone will be able to ID it.


      Thanks Nama
      wasn't aware of the different 15/31 kHz freqs. I'll get some pics but I'm thinking your right.


        Definately 15kz monitor..
        First picture has the remote board under the front of tube.


          Also check 60in1 is set to 15 too
          you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


            Thanks to you 3 guys the screen now shows the 60 in 1 output. Did need setting to 15kHz. Thankyou.

            While that's good news it now means unless there is a dip switch on the Pokie board set wrong or a wiring problem between the board and the monitor, the Pokie video out is U/S and the machine is not repairable.

            There is a multi Dip switch but no idea if it even has anything to do with this, any suggestion would be welcomed.

            I will check the wiring over the weekend.

            If anyone knows something else to try, please let me know.


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