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  • MS9-29 help...

    Hey guys,

    So my ms8 had a vertical collapse the other day (and will send to Joey)

    So I'm replacing my ms8 with an MS9 which I had the MS9 monitor working 100% when I was doing some testing for my racing cab..

    Even got it working to 24khz

    Now for the love of God... I can't get a proper image on the monitor when I put a Pandora/jpac or raspberryjamma on my astro city.

    It's like I need a VHOLD but I cannot find a VHOLD pot.

    Anybody have suggestions?

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    Video of image rolling..

    On a Pandora's box..

    On a RaspberryJamma

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      Have you tested it using a genuine board? Some of the new Pandora's are known to have issues with outputting 15khz. Has that Pandora's been used previously and run fine at 15khz on a different monitor?

      Also, the monitor itself is set to LOW on the chassis right? Not HIGH? I expect you've checked that it's on LOW, but it never hurts to ask.


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        I don't have a genuine board

        RaspberryJamma and Pandora's box both work fine on the horizontal astro.

        I'm 99.9% sure I tripped checked the low/high jumper, but I will double check it again.

        This is the part of having 20+ yo cabs I hate!

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          Can definitely confirm the low jumper is on and the Pandora works on another cab..

          I even put the connection of the monitor on the other cab and I get the same rolling image...

          I might not have a choice but to send it to Joey.. Which will be a real shame as I only got both these chassis (ms8 and MS9) serviced by Joey around this time last year and the MS9 has barely seen any use.

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            Whenever the pcb is connected, pin 1 and 14 have continuity - still the same issue.

            I tried putting the GND directly to the PSU - still the same issue.

            I don't want to strip the wires on the harness, so I might try a different PSU and another jamma harness and try and test that way.


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