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    I picked up a Neo MV1A yesterday along with some loose untested carts. It is booting to cross-hatch or throwing up Z80 error messages on some carts but not others. Some carts boot and play just fine, including with the sound working fine (at least I think it's fine, I don't have anything to compare it to just yet)

    It's noticable that the more recent games (KOF99, MS3) get one of these 2 errors 100% of the time, whereas some of the older titles (pulstar) work somewhat reliably.

    I've obviously tried cleaning off dust, but other than that, is there something that would obviously explain this behaviour?


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    Clean the cart edge connectors with a Pink Pearl eraser. Also, if the cart has issues with the sound program ROM you'll get that. There are some ROM boards that commonly have problems with cracked solder joints on the ROMs and with cutting of traces that run too close to the big holes in the board.


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      Thanks. Have tried cleaning and removing and cleaning the bridge board thing and at first it made things worse. But now we're back to where we started.

      Will buy the eraser.
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