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Custom Arcade Machine - Need audit of software/hardware, $ offered (Melbourne)


Anything to do with repairs.

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    Originally posted by snukeniz View Post
    [UPDATED 31-12-17 - 1:45pm]

    Hey everyone,

    This is a service request, and im willing to pay for the right persons time:

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there in the Melbourne area that could come round, audit the machine and help me understand how the back end works. Id like to make sure all software is the latest, and that the controls are mapped properly, plus be shown how to add / remove games from the rom list.

    I recently purchased a custom made arcade machine thats running off a Hyperspin system, but a lot of the games either dont work, are unresponsive to the arcade controls or pop up some sort of error. The company i bought it off are not being helpful at all


    Requested system info below:
    - PC Tower running Windows 10
    - Software: Hyperspin, MamePGUI, MameUI32, Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, Future Pinball, Daphne
    - 'ARCADE' Folder in My Documents: It looks like they just have a portable HD with a bunch of software on it and dump it into My Documents on the PC. There a lot of extra temp files & portable hard drive software files that are unnecessary.

    - NBA Jam - DirectDraw Init Error: #2 , then once i press 'SELECT', it opens a new small window that says 'Fusion 3.6 Genesis 32x - NBA JAM TOURNAMENT'
    - Metal Slug - Player 1 buttons are unresponsive. 'START' works but 'INSERT COIN' brings up some sort of debug options?
    - MULTIPLE GAMES where the controllers dont map to any commands within the game, some games Player 1 doesnt work but Player 2 does, etc
    Hey man, I'm from I'm in Sydney but it's be more than happy to fix everything for you free of charge. You can use my Toll account to ship it, it's around $160. Daryl at Ultra custom cabs actually bought a machine off me 6 or so years ago, cloned it, then started his company based on that. He has no idea about emulators so he buys/clones Hyperspin set ups and just throws them on. Unlike him though, you can google our feedback. Happy to give you any support over the phone too 0404 088 255


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      snukeniz Last Acitivity: 11th July 2018
      You may be a bit late...


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        Hey mate, it's me again from I'll pay the shipping and I'll fix it free. Just so i can log the repair on YouTube and expose this prick. Please buzz me on 0404088255 or message me through the website


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          Hey everyone, ive created a Product Review web page for everyone to leave their actual reviews for the world to see.

          Please share!


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            Originally posted by snukeniz View Post
            Hey everyone, ive created a Product Review web page for everyone to leave their actual reviews for the world to see.


            Please share!
            Good idea mate, I'll add my review as well.


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