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Uncommon PCB Pinouts and Schematics


Anything to do with repairs.

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  • Uncommon PCB Pinouts and Schematics

    I'm going to start attaching oddball pinouts that are either not available on the net or I wasn't satisfied with the quality or are incomplete.

    First up The "Pit by Tatio". Pinout was incomplete.
    Dig Dug Atari
    Elevator Action Bootleg
    Defence Command Rev B
    Rygar 22 pin bootleg
    Bubble Bobble 22 pin Bootleg.

    Time Soldiers Schematics from Trol

    EDIT: Please do not post any comments, I'd like to keep this thread tidy and for pin outs only.
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    Here's the "Good Luck Draw Poker" pinout to add to the odd ball list.


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      modded my post with this it may help out

      has manuals with pinouts
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        I have an absolute ton of material in paper form... much of it from one of the early original operators here in Brisbane, it has many weird boards supported.... Maybe its time to crack out the scanner?
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          For sure, I'll leave these last few posts up for now But i'd like to keep this thread for pinouts only - the comments.


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            Here we go boys GnG schematics.

            if you're sitting on stuff like this PLEASE post it up for others.
            If you don't have enough attachment space email it to me and I'll upload it to the site.
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              River Patrol Bootleg

              River Patrol Bootleg

              JAMMA Adapter

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                Choplifter schematics (system 2 version)

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                  "please delete this comment"

                  Just a note - AK suggested you send him any documentation so it can be hosted on AA

                  Rapidshare/other DL sites can and will die over time - so if possible I reckon it would be better to mail them to AK for putting up.

                  Either way, thanks for posting these hard to get items.



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                    Thanks for sharing trol, very much appreciated mate.

                    I've uploaded the file to AA and edited your link


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                      A quick question, is the "ghost and goblins" PCB similar to "ghouls and ghosts"?
                      EM score motors wanted: nonworking or working
                      Sega Sub Roc 3D periscope mech. needed except motors.
                      Wanted, Mitsubishi 60" RP (vs 6041) complete TV gun assembly. (R Proj TV/monitors and parts taken away).
                      Take Five pinball machine PCB wanted.


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                        no Ghouls is CPS1


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                          was able to scan in a rare manual yesterday for a full motion winning run cab.

                          Most important page is the last, with the 240v conversion details (the power wiring in this thing was crazy).

                          I had to PDF optimise it which makes it look like crap, otherwise it was 13mb in size. No point ocr'ing it either as it is in Japanese.

                          When we upload this stuff, will it still count in our attachment space?

                          EDIT: oh poop max attachment is 1mb for pdf?



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                            Jacob if you can upload it somewhere i will grab it and upload it to AA for you


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                              Time soldiers schematics

                              Three A1 sheets scanned in 4 parts
                              Sent to A.K. he'll post them here.


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