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  • mk4 revision upgrade

    Hi all, I have a LAI cab with Mk4 running version 2.1 and want to upgrade to version 3. I have tried to research and it appears the difference is the u10 and u11 chips and the eprom is m27c160 but all this means nothing to me. Can anyone explain if or how I can upgrade. Can you just buy these upgraded chips ? Any help would be appreciated, cheers Ray

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    If its just a matter of those 2 chips being different then basically burn the version 3 image to a couple of 27c160 chips. Take out U10 and U11 and put the newly burnt revision 3 chips in their place in their respective postions. I'm only basing this on the details you've provided would need to confirm if this is the case with both sets of roms myself. Pretty sure I have tubes of blank 27c160 chips, will have to double check that.


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      Thanks Pash, this is where I got some of the info

      I hope that helps. Not looking for any freebies , happy to pay for items and your time. cheers Ray


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