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PCB Repair : Data East (late 80's)


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  • PCB Repair : Data East (late 80's)

    OK I got a few Data East boards here (Midnight Resistance, Bad Dudes, Chernov, Robocop).

    They all have these same transistors marked D880. Looks to have something to do with the power. Voltage regulator?

    A couple have been removed, some look damaged/dodgy.

    Any ideas where to get replacements or what the modern notation for a replacement would be?

    My DMM has a transistor test port, any tips on how to use?
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    Yeah I have a few faulty data east PCB's as well haven't had the time to troubleshoot them yet The transistor can be replaced by 2N3055 NPN Power Transistor You can get them from
    I tend to get most of my electronic parts from there, they are excellent to deal with, but to make it really worthwhile you need to be ordering bulk parts

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      Suspect any 2016/2018 slim rams. There's another that I can't remember, but I have been changing a lot of these..


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