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Warning - Power failure World Rally

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  • Warning - Power failure World Rally


    I am starting to tinker with a Gaelco World Rally game that is in a WEC Le Mans cabinet. I really don't know the history of the machine as i got it not working.

    Got a new chassis from Jomac and the screen works fine now.

    When i fired it up for the 1st time with the new chassis, it went to a boot screen (i'm completely new to arcade stuff so i mightn't understand the lingo...) and everything seemed to say OK, this screen was there for about 1 - 2 mins then it came up with a screen saying Warning - Power Failure.

    I tested the outputs of the power supply and they seemed to read different numbers each time i tested, so i pulled a power supply out of another non working machine, and still get the same message (all these outputs test OK, only suspect one is +12V is about 11.94).

    What concerns me is that it no longer goes to the boot screen every time i switch it on - just straight to the warning - does this indicate i've fried something on the board?

    The other error i'm getting is i think the game thinks the wheel is on full right hand lock as the wheel rumbles as soon as its switched on. Further to this, when i tested it in another guys cabinet a few weeks back, it booted OK, but he mentioned the car was always veering off to the right.


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    You need to measure the voltages on the pcb, measurments taken at the psu are fairly meaningless.

    The 12v reading is fine, that only powers the amplifier chip and is not critical, you need to find put what the 5v feed is like across the board.
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      possible suicide


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        Originally posted by 4_ur_amusement View Post
        possible suicide
        my thoughts too, but I know bugger all about gealco suicides



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          Not suicide as the games still bootup just hang at the diagnostics screen and show coprocessor not ready instead of ok when coined game will still start but the collision detection and then grapics will screw up.
          I have played with a few world rally boards and have never seen the power fail message.
          As for the steering problem is the board set up for the right type of wheel.


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            Depends I have has one do the same and thats what it was


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              Maybe some kind of pre suicide warning ?? Only way to know for sure is to carefully remove the plastic cover in the middle of the board an check the battery voltage 3v + ok less than 3v sus.
              Suicided world rally boards can be saved i have fixed a couple.


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                Just had the same power failure fault tonight on a customers machine all voltages good when tested but I found that the edge connector was loose on the board ,cleaned connector and board also tightened up the jamma edge connector with a seal pic and walla problem fixed.On closer inspection I noticed that World Rally PCbs look skinnier than other PCBs so there doesnt seem to be as much pin pressure on the connector


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                  Top work Gibo - moved all the edge connectors in to tighten them and it worked!! Thanks heaps

                  Now, the steering issue...

                  As previously mentioned i am pretty certain this is a board related issue, as when i tested this board a few weeks back on another guys joystick controlled machine, it displayed exactly the same symptoms (ie: car veered to the right all the time).

                  I checked the pot on the wheel had 5V on one side, 3.5 in the middle tab and this changed both ways when i turned the wheel, so i think this is OK?

                  Any ideas where to look on the PCB for a simple test?


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                    Try going into test menu also check the dipswitch settings


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                      I have had cheap Vrs (dick smith carbon) do the same (measure ok) but when i have replaced them with the correct VR it has worked (sega VR).
                      If it isn't broke then don't fix it!


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                        as i mentioned before check your board is set up for the correct type of wheel
                        world rally boards can work with joysticks 270 deg pot type wheels or 360 deg optical wheels and if set to the wrong type will pull to one side or just plain not work this is set with dip switch 2 as follows.

                        DIP Switch 2

                        1 Off (Self Test)
                        2 Off (Upright)
                        3 Off (Attract Sound)
                        4-5 Off Off (Joystick)
                        Off On (270 degree steering wheel - pot)
                        On On (360 degree steering wheel - optical)
                        6 On (1 joystick)
                        Off (2 joysticks)
                        7-8 Off (Normal Difficulty)

                        hope this helps.


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                          I have checked the DIP switch settings, and on the menu it says it is setup for a 270 degree pot wheel (which it is). Might try changing to a 360 and see if it makes any difference....

                          ServiceIT; what type of VR do i need and where can i get it from?




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                            You might want to try the dip switch first, does this game have an wheel calibration or initialization calibration? a lot of driving games do, but i always use the correct pots, big top is one supplier but their are a few around that sell them.
                            If it isn't broke then don't fix it!


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