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EGA to SVHS Conversion

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  • EGA to SVHS Conversion

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to help a local arcade operator with his Sega Star Wars Cabinet. The original rear pro monitor is shot and he wants to install a 50" Mitsubishi Rear pro from an Alpine Racer cabinet. The Mitsubishi at the best only has SVHS input. Now the Star wars is a medium resolution game. All the converters that I have seen that output SVHS are all CGA input. Has anyone found a EGA to SVHS converter, or tried doing this with any success?


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    better off with lcd and a converter
    you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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      Yeah, I agree. But he is wanting to use existing stock on hand, plus I believe the machine has been sold, so most likely does not want to invest in a plasma or lcd for it. Just wanting to know if it is possible to do EGA to SVHS? Cheers


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