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Problem with Galaga and Crazy Kong

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  • Problem with Galaga and Crazy Kong

    Hi Guys,

    I've got a problem with my Galaga and Crazy Kong Boards, I lie there is nothing wrong with the boards just the machine.

    I currently have two machines in my bar room (1x Neo Geo, 1x Jamma).

    The Jamma won't let me register credits on Crazy Kong and Galaga.

    The games don't have a problem with the Neo Geo cabinet, as when you put money in it registers as normal, however when I bought the Jamma one it didn't come with a coin mech so the person I bought it off cut a couple of wires and now I just press the wires together to register credits, which is fine with all my other boards except these two.

    The reason I want to use this machine is that I'm able to make the monitor vertical if needed, as the Neo Geo is a pain in the arse trying to play sideways.

    Originally the Jamma Harness were set up to coin mech 2, which I have changed to coin mech 1 to let them play in my Neo Geo Cab (I have tried both CM1 and 2, but nothing.

    Is there anyway I can get these boards to register credits as it's starting to peeve me off, and my old man is coming up to play Galaga and It would be great if I can get it working.

    In Summary.

    1. Galaga and Crazy Kong both work fine.
    2. Working Fine in Neo Geo Cab.
    3. Work fine in Jamma Cab however won't register credits (no coin mech).
    4. Me

    Thanks for your help!


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    Sounds like a wiring problem in your jamma cab or do these boards have a different input for coin?


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      It sounds like the wires you are crossing are not the coin wires but probably the test or service wires, some old games dont use these the way you want and you probably dont have the harness wired for coin/test/service
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        ive found the cheapish jamma biscuits dont make good contact to the jamma connector just measure from connector to biscuit to make sure you have contanuity.
        i had the same prob with a pleaides board recently as well as others.
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