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Laminate for Cabs + T Moulding


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  • Laminate for Cabs + T Moulding

    Hi all,

    Im looking for advice on replacing a panel on an arcade cab. Chip board has started to swell so i am going to replace one side with plyboard. One question though, how do i go about laminating the surface of the timbre, and where should i go to get this done, or get the laminate?


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    proper laminate costs a fortune. what colour is it? matching it alone will be a pain. has some stuff that's not laminate but realy heavy adhesive vinyl that's much more affordable and comes in a rang of colours. However if you really want laminate Thydzics page documenting his cab: indicates he paid $270 for a sheet of formica to do his cab. I know Laminex branded laminates are much more than this.
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      Hmm, seems it may be cheaper to canabalise another cab of the same color (LAI RED) anyone got any junker cabs in red that i could cut up?


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        Is the laminate itself OK? It's a pain in the but but you can remove the laminate using an iron (put some cloth between it and the laminate) to heat up the glue and VERY SLOWLY lifting the laminate. My old 4 player machine had a horrible patterened laminate control panel which i removed in one piece this way. Alot of effort to go to but it may be worth it. Plus then you'd have a template for the new panel too!
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          Try a laminate board sheet retailer for off-cuts there are a quite a few here in Melb. that have off-cuts in many sizes and colours.


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            Thought about suggesting that myself but didn't think you'd find offcuts that big. Definitely worth a try though!
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              let me know how much you need and what colours your looking at and I can get you a price from work.

              i work at a cabinet/kitchen manufacturer in melb we stock Egger, Laminex, Formica, WilsonArt a couple of other obscure brands. if we dont have what you're after i'll find out about getting it in etc, etc Should hopefully work out cheaper for you than going through the front door.

              So far as laying the lam, not really my department, tho I can talk to one of the guys there about laying it for you AH all doable. The guy i'd get to lay the lam is an arcade nut also, so should be more than happy to help. =)

              NB: You could use a heatgun to remove the laminate, takes forever tho.
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