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Which multi game boards work with Nanao MS8 chassis?


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  • Which multi game boards work with Nanao MS8 chassis?

    I have a Nanao MS8 chassis which according to Jomac had a damaged sync because i was using a multigame board. I've read the forums and I don't doubt that this has occurred. However I would really like to use a mulltigame board on my Nanao MS8 and I know there are people out there that have used older multigame boards on their nanao MS8 chassis without any problems. I'm curious..... is it possible to compile a list of multigame boards that work on the Nanao MS8 chassis that don't cause damage? I've read the newer ones are the problems. Is this true? I have a Pandoras Box 4S which i think was the culprit as I only just put this in the machine before the chassis had to be repaired. I also have a Game Elf 619-in-1 which I used in the arcade machine for a few years without any problems. Can I go back to this board? Interested in your thoughts...
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    I think the damage stems from any system that squirts out an SVGA signal while it boots through the BIOS and into the OS, before the emulator kicks in and tones the video output down to 15Khz CGA. So I'd suggest that any system which is basically a PC will do this, and anything that is just a multi game PCB that doesn't need an external ATX PSU would be safe.

    Not 100% on that tho.
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      Thanks for your help Womble. So I've taken the plunge and plugged back in my Pandoras Box 4S multigame board and it's working a treat. I think I'll add a power switch onto the monitor though so I can power up the monitor after its finished booting... just in case the booting sequence of the board is a problem waiting to happen.


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