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  • tmnt credit +display

    hi, im looking at making my tmnt acrade cab as close to original as possible. I purchased the cab gutted and got a 4p tmnt board. I plan on using it with a gbs-8200 converter to run on a vga lcd. I also have just found a mk4 credit board and display. I want it to flash the colored buttons when i "insert coin" with a fake microswitch coin button. from what i gather i have to put the credit board into 4p mode(stored).

    Can anybody help in regards to wiring the jamma harness to the creditboard and credit board to display?? so i guess the p1,2,3,4 credit switch is the p1,2,3,4 coin?
    Whats p1,2,3,4 credit out for??? coin to harness?? and the switch to the colored buttons???
    So i wire the "coin" microswitch to something like the $1??
    component side pin 9 credit lamp output??? wire to all 4 rectangle colored leds?? daisy chained??? is this the power for the leds???
    Now for the display, i see in pic has ground = black , power red so white = display panel data/clock?? green/black strip = display panel data/clock??

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    Maybe try these threads.


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      The LAI 4 player cabs use a 'credit pool' system. When you add coins the credits go into the pool and are displayed on the LCD 8-segment display you have pictured, when a player's start button is pressed it takes a credit from the pool (via Credit Out pins) and adds it to the corresponding player.

      The 4 credit buttons located inside the coin door skip the credit pool and add a credit directly to the corresponding player (via Credit Switch pins).

      I think the Credit Lamp pin is daisy chained and 12 volt, I'll have to check that and the display wire colours.


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