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Electrohome G05 yoke data?


Anything to do with repairs.

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  • Electrohome G05 yoke data?

    Hi All,
    I'm still in the middle of making my own vector (X-Y) CRT monitor. The good news is that at last I have a completed and working CRT power supply, with a similar self-regulating scheme
    employed in the old Electrohome G05 one.
    (Another good news is that I've learned an enormous lot of information on magnetic circuits, flyback circuits, self-oscillating, single ended or push-pull, PWM, quasi-resonant drive etc...).
    However, now it's time for yoke rewinding. As many of you know, the yokes used for raster CRT operation aren't suitable for X-Y drive, unless we rewind the vertical coils.
    Now, I haven't been able to find any data about inductance/resistance values for the original Electrohome monitors.
    Is there anyone having one of these monitors that could simply measure the DC resistance of the X and Y yoke coils (I assume they're identical)? I would also welcome a real inductance measurement, but I dare not hope that I find a monitor and LCR owner in the same person
    I know many just use a "magic" number of turns when rewinding coils, but I think there's no substitute for knowledge.

    Thanks in advance
    Frank IZ8DWF

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    hey mate there's some readings over on klov forum,
    dezbaz posted some, and others, I even chimed in with my tske on it.

    I'm taito1978 over there..


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      Thanks, that was extremely useful, in particular this:



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