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TT Speed Race Color dip switches?


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  • TT Speed Race Color dip switches?

    I’ve managed to get my Taito TT Speed Race Color cocktail sort of running. However, the counter counts down to zero then resets from 90, meaning the game never ends. After a collision, the car restarts and the score keeps climbing. Would anyone know where the dip switches are? There are numerous pots on the board that I suspect are the dip switches, but it thought I’d ask before twiddling with them. Oh, there are also two slide-switches on the main board too. One makes the car invincible, and the other seems to do nothing. As always, I am grateful for any advice. Here’s a pic of the pots on the board. Click image for larger version

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    hey mate...are you saying when a collusion occurs the car does what it is expected to do.. meaning that seams fine, but the game just wont end?

    Not familiar with this game, but game pots sometimes varied play lenght, as with the original SR, but the game always ends. So maybe the timing circuit is at fault. Is there a Satelite PCB with the game time?


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      Yep, exactly that. The collisions function as normal but the on-screen timer keeps starting again at 90 secs after it counts down to zero.
      I think you may be right tho. There’s a small separate pcb with only one pot on it and it’s damaged. I’ll start with that. Thanks taito!


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        Right, so the game countdown is on screen.. mmm.

        Most probably a sound pot, but it wont hurt fixing it either way.

        Quite a few of the early SP had the game timer as an external pcb. They are from TTL days.. Yours has a CPU? If so, the timing will be done in game logic most possibly. But maybe that pot, so again, yeah wont hurt to fix that.

        Working in the dark here.. maybe upload a screenshot of the game, it will help identify it so we can help better.

        Oh, and as long as that pot goes to the game, and NOT the monitor, if it's a sound pot it will be 5 to 10k and log. so will be marked with an A, as in 10kA.

        If its a timer it will be linear, marked with a B, as un 10kB

        Putting in either wont hurt the game, they just function differently, I'd start with a 10K


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