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Mortal Kombat - screen problem after being moved


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  • Mortal Kombat - screen problem after being moved


    Removalists dropped my MK machine down a few steps, and now when turning on the picture is all distorted. See attached photo.

    it looks like it boots up ok (minus sound) as I can kind of make out the boot sequence and it changes as I press start etc

    Can anyone suggest where I should even start with trying to figure out what is wrong? I am a useless with electronics, so please be gentle with me.

    Or is there anyone in Melb that does home arcade machine repairs? Obviously after COVID restrictions are lifted of course.

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    I made some progress myself fiddling with the horizonal position, but after adjusting as best as I can this is what I can get.


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      Looks like you have lost either the video ground, or the video sync connection between the board and the monitor. The 1st picture looks my sync'y and the second looks more video groundy.

      I'd reseat the JAMMA connector first.
      Sic transit gloria Atari!


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        I would check all the wiring/connectors as this is where most problems start. If unsure post a few photo's. but to me it looks out of adjustment??


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          Thanks - I first will re-seat and check all the connectors on the boards and see if I can find any broken wires too. Might need to be a weekend job for me!


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            Dragging up this old post of mine. I had a look at all the cabling finally, and cant find anything wrong to my untrained eye, and fiddling around the back isnt something I am too comfortable with for fear of zapping myself. Below is some photos, and a video of the problem in action is here

            I also noticed while I had it on that I could hear some popping noises, seeming to come from the neck of the tube, and also from the chassis board somewhere - I didnt want to get too close.

            Can anyone suggest anything else to check, or recommend any good repair folk in Melbourne (that can do onsite or pickup) that would be able to look at it for a reasonable price?


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              If you don't want to pay the technicians going rate, go to an old folks home and drag out a retired TV repairman, he might like a day out.


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                So did you reseat the jamma harness? Definitely looks like a wiring issue, try fiddling with the harness while the game is on and see if the picture gets better or worse.
                You don’t have to get into the back for that it’s right there when you open the door


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                  I ended up finding Simon @ Arcade Garage here in Melb who fixed this up for me - by the time I got into contact with him the whole monitor had now failed. Hes a top bloke and fixed up everything for me. I am super happy. Info on what he did is on his facebook page:


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