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    Actually Gemini, if you have that Origional Hankin style, you could help me out with oneQ for my repro. The Hankin I have has a 280mm deep bottom panel. Other plans I found off the net have the bottom panel as 400mm deep. I know its only 120mm discrepency and probably fine either way but Im a stickler for detail.

    What is the actual depth of the cabinet along the bottom?
    Also your image seems to have flat feet. I thought all Hankin feet were fabricated from square 35mm steel tube?


      I'll need to measure, but be aware mine is a CRT, so do you plan to built one for a CRT or LCD?


        Ideally CRT if I can find one + chassis in good working order.
        Althought, since it is a repro and will have a 60-in-1, new electrics etc Im guessing a 19/20" LCD will be a lot easier to find and cheaper to aquire.

        Just to be clear, by depth, I meant the mesurement front to back along the bottom left or right of the cabinet, not depth of cabinet as in height top to bottom.


          It's 760mm on mine ignoring the T Moulding



            Originally posted by Doobelaki View Post
            Ideally CRT if I can find one + chassis in good working order.
            Talk to Jomac He might be able to sort you out.


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