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CRT monitor help - One colour really wavy with interference - video example

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  • CRT monitor help - One colour really wavy with interference - video example

    Hi All

    Snapped up that Total VIce arcade cabinet on Gumtree Gold Coast the other day

    Got it home and the video display is all garbled.

    Seems the red and green are displaying fine, however the blue is like wavy lines all over the place.
    The Konami screen looks yellow instead of while, which further leads me to believe there is something funky with the blue going on

    Am hoping it's a simple fix, as they said it was working fine when I picked it up.

    I have uploaded a video to YouTube showing the problem.

    Hoping someone here might have some insight...


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    Have you tried another board in the machine? That could very easily be a board fault.


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      Thanks for the suggestion. I have 508 JAMMA board i can try in it tomorrow. Will update the thread after I try


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        Good old 60in1’s are a good test board
        they have a test pattern and if you fry them they are cheap.


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          Still the same issue with the all in one board. (Couldn't find how to run the monitor in 15KHz mode, so pic was a little distorted as monitor seems to be dual res and jumpered to 24KHz - but blue issue was still unchanged)

          I drilled out the locks to gain access to the front monitor controls, and was able to adjust the horizontal position, where I was able to reduce the blue interference a lot, with a huge blue vertical strip present.

          I also tried removing the blue input to the chassis from the JAMMA harness, and it had no effect.

          I removed the red cable, and it removed all red from the picture as expected, but removing the blue cable had no effect.

          It's as if the blue is not getting processed at all, and it's just outputting random blue.


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