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How would you fix this cabinet???


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  • How would you fix this cabinet???

    Hi Guys,

    Bought a cheap U.S imported cabinet from someone that has been converted from some Atari cab (not 100% sure what cabinet just yet) into a Mortal Kombat 2 machine. However there seems to have been some water damage to the base and the feet that were on the bottom were starting to collapse through as well as one of the sides is coming away from the rest of the cabinet. What would be the best way to easily fix this without spending a ton of money or time? Should I just cut another piece of Plywood the same shape as the current one and stick in underneith? There seems to be dowels in between the current plywood base and chipboard sides as well so I'm thinking removing it will be a huge pain without damaging it more.

    Would love some ideas!
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    Scroll down to the bottom of page 4 on this thread.

    Womble is repairing similar damage on his Star Wars and doing a cracking job.


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      I'd cut that out and replace that little section then use builders bog but you could just use a healthy dose of builders bog in there.


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        Yes I'm planning on fixing the corner using bog but I'm more worried about the structural side of things.

        The whole plywood base is starting to fail(you can see the old leg leveler was breaking through) so I definitely need to do something to reinforce the base as well as reinforce the sides a bit as one side is starting to come away. I was thinking maybe cut another piece of ply the same size as the current one and then glue and screw it onto the old one and then inside the cabinet where the ply mounts inside to a bit of flimsy timber, remove it and somehow glue and screw 2 pieces of ply down the sides of the cabinet.


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          I'd cut and replace rather than just bog. I would do the whole foot, not just the broken piece. Then maybe add something to protect it in the future.


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            Hmm, I'd be inclined to cut the bottom section out of that panel all the way across as there's nothing to save on the outer face. The water damage there looks pretty extreme, it's probably been sat in a puddle. Unless you have a firm base for the bog you'll struggle to get it to look good and it will always be incredibly fragile.

            It looks a lot like what I was facing with this cab restoration...


            I tried to replace only the bad section, but ended up scrapping a lot, to get back to decent wood, the rest looked OK but it was like trying to work with Weetbix, was weak and flimsy.

            I'd use a circular saw (with the depth set to the panel width) and a straight edge to cut the lower section out from front to back. Then you can fit a new section, and either dowel or a biscuit joiner to fit a replacement section. Hiding the join with bog will be a lot easier than rebuilding the edges, your struggle may be to find 1/4 MDF to use in Australia.

            If you want to keep the old you'll probably need to soak the whole section with watery wood glue and clamp it back to the right thickness until it is rock solid, that will take the bog better than the weetbix, but its a lot more work.

            Leg leveler often tore out like that, but that's from someone dragging the cabinet with them still lowered, I expect this once had wheels that the cab was designed to tilt back on it.

            What's the game?.
            Sic transit gloria Atari!


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              The cabinet has Mortal Kombat 2 in it currently, but it's not a genuine MK2 cab. Originally I thought it was just a generic cab with MK2 art stuck on it, but then I saw there was an atari sticker on the back door and after some online sleuthing I am 90% sure it's a Paperboy cabinet.

              Yeah I'm thinking I might just cut the whole 4 inch or so lower section out to where the corner/angle bit is at the front and put a whole new piece in with biscuits and then blend in to the current piece with bog. I'm planning on putting wheels on so I will be able to bring the sides down more so they half cover the wheels if I do it that way. I may just leave the plywood that on the base and reinforce it was a new piece directly under it.

              So much work and this was meant to be my beater cab....


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                I'd bite the bullet, dissemble it, then use the parts as templets to make a 100% brand new cabinet. More work but a better result.


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                  Originally posted by DoubleDragon View Post
                  but then I saw there was an atari sticker on the back door and after some online sleuthing I am 90% sure it's a Paperboy cabinet.
                  Cool, could you put up a photo or the whole cabinet?
                  Sic transit gloria Atari!


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                    I've moved it back inside for now as it looks like it's going to take some time to fix... and rain clouds are looming. Heres some pics of the Cabinet... I pulled the CRT out to make it lighter while moving around and it does have MK2 screen bezel and glass. This one is going on my... when I have free time list of fix jobs...

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                      Thought it was a Paperboy... turns out it's an Atari Championship Sprint. I took the control panel apart to clean it up and someone did a bodge job making the control panel using the old panel, there are 2 large square sized holes underneith the control panel where the steering wheels used to mount... filled in now with a bit of steel and buttons and joystick hole drilled through them. Checked the bottom panel to see if any pedals hiding in there but obviously they were taken out long ago.


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                        Depending on how solid that base piece if ply is I think you may get away with just cutting the corner out and then using wood hardener.
                        i have had alot of luck with blown out corners and shitty end pieces using wood hardener. It's non structural but it really make the particle board solid again so you can work with it.

                        The I way that i would tackle it would be :
                        remove the corner and remake it with another piece of timber to size. Join it to the main bit of the cabinet with biscuits / dowel etc
                        Remove the vinyl from the base up to a level that is above the swollen and damaged section.
                        drill little holes into the damaged section of the cabinet to about half the thickness of the cabinet timber
                        Paint a shitload of wood hardener on the damaged section. Keep on applying coats as per the instructions until the damaged section is nice and hard again. Or at least if not hard, then harder.
                        Sand down the swollen section of cabinet until it is flat / level again with the existing non damaged section of wood
                        Put more wood hardener on it to make it more solid
                        Bog up the drill holes and sand down

                        This is probably poorly worded but essentially what I do is replace the really shitty bits, use a bucketload of wood hardener, sand , wood hardener, sand , wood hardener , just keep going until you have some kind of solid structure back

                        I would be interested to hear how others do it.


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