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Space Invaders Cocktail table CRT

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  • Space Invaders Cocktail table CRT

    Hello! This is my first post on this site. I have been asked to look at repairing something which I have never worked on before. It is a Space Invaders Cocktail table. Its very cool, And works pretty well as far as I can tell except the coin slot which is out of order and the main problem which is the display on the CRT. As it can be seen The display is all over. The UFO is more visible from the top of the screen than the bottom and nothing lines up properly. My assumption is that the horizontal/vertical deflectors are not trimmed in correctly within the CRT. And probably a whole load of electrolytic capacitors needing changing.
    Has anyone on here got a good idea as to what the problem is a result of, and what I should ultimately be doing with this machine to keep it alive for the owner.
    Hope you guys are able to help me along with this.

    Im not a complete novice working with HV as my background is mainly valve and solid state audio equipment servicing and Im a sparky by trade, But this is slightly out of the ordinary for me so looking forward to your input!!


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      I've noticed a make shift power cord on the table top. I had a table like this and the cord had been replaced, but they connected the neutral wire from the cord to the switch in the cabinet, so even though it would power the table on and off, the transformer tap points had 230V going to them. I accidentally grazed myself on these and got a belt. As far a the monitor goes... you could just do a re-cap. Get a cap kit and cross your fingers. That might work. Sometimes does! But I'd say you'll be up against it unless you got some serious time to educated yourself on the operations for the chassis. Good luck mate. Nice looking table!!!!

      Welcome to the forum and top points for putting up pictures with your question.


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        I'd too would look at the Chassis caps first, no doubt they have dried out. They must be 40 years old by now.
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          I'd like to see the game boot up sequence on the screen 1st before I could comment.


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