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OK...better learn the basics first....HELP!

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  • OK...better learn the basics first....HELP! my first post here was in the mame discussions forum.....I have decided id better learn how a propper arcade unit works'm going to see if i can get this thing running as it should.
    Not knowing anything about these cabinets i bought this gottlieb. I think the monitor works as it will switch on. I can see that the coin mech is missing. Does that look like thats all that is missing from the pics?
    If i buy a rom card (should it be a jamma..Is this a Jamma harness?) do i need to hook it to the left side of the cabinet there were there is nothing......
    Is it hard to add more buttons as i only have 3 on each player.
    Should i keep the screen vertical??? can this screen be rotated and still fit??
    Obviously i know nothing....please help me get this working.
    I fear i will soon lose much sleep and money as i think i will greatly enjoy this journey.
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    A few basics

    This a JAMMA Arcade cabinet with a 26" monitor. It appears the monitor is in the vertical orientation. Whereas lots of older pre-JAMMA games (up to about 1987) where vertical orientated, JAMMA games are mainly horizontal orientated, the most notable exception being the RAIDEN series and other flying shooters.

    The coin mech appears to be gone but it is no biggy - most games can be swtiched to free play so that you don't need to have a coin mech attached.

    first thing to know about JAMMA is that the harness itself accommodates 3 button games, such that games like street fighter 2, mortal kombat or anything that needs extra buttons need to be separately wired. not that difficult to do but something to keep in mind.

    Second thing is that the harness plugs in TWO WAYS, but only one way is correct.
    The harness has all the voltage lines at one end of the fingerboard (pins 3-6). If you plug a game in upside down, you will be sending voltage tp place it was never meant to go and that can literally fry a board. Be careful. Your harness should have a key at pin 7 to help you avoid this easy newbie error.

    JAMMA games are basically plug and play such that you can swap them easily (apart form the extra button issue) and play them as you want).

    At this stage, decide the type of game or games you want. If you want fighters, you need more buttons, same with Neo Geo (to a degree). Sport games and shooter ususally make us of the three buttons only.

    once you have thought about that you can decide where to go from there

    looking for:
    the baseboard for a Gottlieb Royal Guard
    Zaccaria Devil Riders Backglass
    Williams OXO, GTB Volcano


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      * This monitor is mounted vertical, but you could easily rotate it to be horizontal. Although it doesn't look it, the monitor's area is normally a perfect square. Its a bit of an optical illusion that a horizontal cab looks lower and a vertical one looks narrower.

      * Check the wiring before you plug ANYTHING in !!!! This cab looks to have been an NBA Jam, which is horizontal. So someone has later converted it. Some games, like the previously mentioned Raiden, are slightly different wiring to Jamma. Some games rely on all grounds being wired, etc.
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