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spots on pcb tracks

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  • spots on pcb tracks

    Hi all
    Over the weekend I changed the battery on my neo geo six slot board. I noticed that the top pcb has black spots on a lot of the tracks. I'd guess this is corrosion starting, is it anything to worry about? If so what can be done about it? It still works fine.

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    You can wash your board in a dishwasher, sometimes that gets rid of alot of crap on the board and is safe so long as you remove the neo's battery and let it dry thoroughly before using.


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      black spots could be a lot of things, from corrosion to mould (tracks are warm and that is what mould often likes)

      post a pic if possible.

      Does it wipe off with your finger or cloth? if so, probably no corrosion

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        they don't wipe off, I have cleaned the board with electrical cleaner. It looks like a discolour in the copper track. I'd imagine it would scrape off but then would leave the bare copper exposed.


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          OK, for battery corrosion, wash with white vinegar first, pays to use a toothbrush to scrub. Then use water to rise that off. Then go and get a can of varnish for pcb's from an electronics supplier and spray the affected area with that to protect it.


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            ive seen this more on the six slotters.unfortunantly its rust and its eating away at the tracks(over time will get worse) if its all over the top board its not worth removing/cleaning as tracks will desintagrate as you scrap the tracks.
            i have two top boards with this problem wont sell them only because you will get problems in the long run with continuous track repair.
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              thanks for the info, looks like i'll have to get plenty of use from it before it starts giving me trouble. If any one has a good six slot top pcb let me know.


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