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2716 EPROM programmer


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  • 2716 EPROM programmer

    I've got a bootleg PCB set of Frogger - I think it's called "Frog" - it's broken and I am working my way through fixing a long list of issues to try and get it going again, anyway it's got three 2716 EPROMS missing from the sound PCB in locations 32,33,34.
    I managed to get my hands on some MM2716Q-5 and I have a Wellon VP-280 but it can't program them - it won't do 25 Volts.
    Is anyone in SE QLD or Brisbane area that can help me out with burning three 2716 EPROMs ?

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    If nobody local chimes in I can probably program them up for you.


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      I can help out mate, located 5 klm from CBD on southside.
      You're welcome to drop over and I can program them for you.
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        Thanks heaps Kaizen! that sounds perfect mate - I am inner suburbs not too far away. I'll send you a PM.


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