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Wei-Ya 3129 chassis making a clicking sound

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  • Wei-Ya 3129 chassis making a clicking sound

    Hi all,

    Im wondering if someone can help. I've got a Wei-ya 3129 chassis which after a lot of effort i managed to get working. But i moved the board slightly and now its just making a constant clicking sound when i power up the machine and no picture.Does anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong?

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    Constant clicking sound and no picture usually means the the board isnt capable of the chassis frequency sync of horizontal hertz which cannot pick up pending on the age of era of the board.
    Is the chassis auto or manual switch ?
    Theres a 4 dipswitch installed on the chassis thats been modified to replace the sync module if its manual switch.
    All my wei-ya ive come across and installed to various cabinet have the dip switch and more reliable for syncing any game board.
    Call me if you need more info about it..TTYL.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Refer to this archive ive searched.


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      I tried without the game board and it still did a constant clicking sound.

      After checking i can confirm its a auto switch. Its funny i had the board working then i moved the chassis a bit then it started clicking.

      I'll try and call you in the next day or so.

      Thanks for your assistance.


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        Hi there,

        Did you find a solution to this? I have just had the same thing happen. Was working moved it a bit and just started clicking.



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