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BPAC 2021 - Gone to the Dogs


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  • [QLD] - BPAC 2021 - Gone to the Dogs

    Hey mates

    Events line up and formats below.

    Tickets on sale at

    Donkey Kong Level 3 Comp

    Tournament Date: Friday July 16th, 2021
    Tournament fee: $25 AUD
    Tournament start time: 7pm
    Sponsor: Gerry Scott & BPAC
    • 2 Strikes Elimination Tournament
    • Players are randomly assigned match ups and will compete head to head through level 3 on DK. Highest score wins
    • Lose twice and you are eliminated
    • Last person standing wins

    Australian Kong Off IV

    Tournament Date: Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July 2021
    Tournament fee: $50 AUD
    Tournament start time: 10am both days
    Sponsor: Netherworld & BPAC

    Saturday - Qualifying - 10am to 10pm
    • High score shoot out
    • Players will use the queueing software
    • Fair play rule applies, no restarts after level 3
    • Top 16 scores compete in finals on Sunday

    Sunday - Finals - 10am to 5pm
    • Slaughter head to head bracket
    • 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14 etc
    • Highest seed chooses cab first, opponent must sit in adjacent cab
    • Synchronised coin drop, you lose, you're out

    Two Headed Monster Comp at Netherworld

    Tournament Date: Monday 19th July, 2021
    Tournament fee: $15 AUD
    Tournament start time: 6pm
    Sponsor: Netherworld & BPAC
    • Two-Headed Monster is a split control panel tournament that will see you and a mate team up across a variety of games in the depths of the Netherworld
    • Teams will face off in a 2-strikes head to head competition where one player on each team will control the joystick and their teammate will control the buttons

    ICC Marathon Day at 1 Up Arcade

    Tournament Date: Wednesday 21st of July, 2021
    Tournament fee: Venue entry fee
    Tournament start time: 12pm
    Sponsor: 1 Up Arcade & BPAC
    • The 1CC Marathon Day is a community event where we will be collectively trying to complete as many games live on one single credit
    • It is a day to watch and play alongside some incredibly skilled players across a huge variety of games
    • World records will be broken and it will not be a day to be missed

    Super Ultimate Punch Turbo Edition

    Tournament Date: Thursday 22nd of July, 2021
    Tournament fee: $30 AUD
    Tournament start time: 6pm
    Sponsor: Game The System & BPAC
    • Super Ultimate Punch Turbo Edition is a double elimination head to head fighting game tournament to be played across seven unique fighting games
    • In each match players will be randomly assigned three of the seven fighting games and they will play a best of three game match on each of those fighting games
    • The winner across two of the three different games will proceed up the bracket, with the loser moving to the loser’s bracket or being eliminated if already in the loser’s bracket
    • The top 4 players will proceed to playing five of the seven games with each game being a best of 3 match
    • The Grand Final will be played as best of three matches across all seven games in the competition

    Australian Arcade Championship II

    Tournament Date: 23rd, 24th & 25th July, 2021
    Tournament fee: $45 AUD
    Tournament start time: 10am
    Sponsor: 1 Up Arcade & BPAC

    The Australian Arcade Championships will be a 3- ay event in 2021 with qualifying taking place on the Friday and Saturday. The top 4 doubles teams will proceed to the finals of the doubles competition on Saturday evening immediately following the conclusion of qualifying. The top 16 individuals will proceed to the finals of the individual competition on the Sunday.

    Qualifying Round Overview:

    The qualifying round of the tournament will consist of 30 attempts per player across however many games have been available for this round of the tournament. Players may play any machine as many times as he or she likes with the knowledge that only 30 attempts are allowed in total across all games. When a player has finished all his or her 30 attempts, their qualifying round is over. There shall be no additional buy ins or tournament entries allowed for any one person.

    A qualifying attempt shall be defined as one single credit game played on any of the tournament machines. Games must be completed in single player mode and with no continues permitted. A time limit of 15 minutes will be enforced for all qualifying attempts. Any attempt exceeding this 15 minute time limit shall be void.

    Once the qualifying round has ended, the top 16 ranked players will proceed to the finals round on Sunday.

    Qualifying Round Scoring:

    All scores on a machine are maintained in a ranking. Point values will be attributed to each player based on his or her ranking on each machine. The total qualifying score for each play is the total point values attributed to his or her ranks on each of the machines in the tournament. In the instance of two or more scores on a machine being exactly tied, the highest rank and associated points will be awarded to each score.

    Each rank on a machine contributes the following points to a player’s total qualifying score:

    1st = 100 points

    2nd = 99 points

    3rd = 98 points

    4th to 100th = 97 down to 1 point/s

    101st onwards = 1 point

    While each player may use his or her 30 attempts across all available machines, only his or her top 5 ranks will count towards his or her total qualifying score. Therefore the highest qualifying score a player may have is 500 (ranked 1st in 5 games at 100 points each). This also means that a player is not required to play all machines available and may qualify for the finals having only played a minimum of five machines.

    Qualifying Tie-break Procedure:

    In the event that two or more competitors are tied on the qualifying bubble, such that not all of the tied competitors can advance to the final rounds, the highest single ranked game between the competitors will be used to determine which competitor advances. If the highest ranked game for both competitors is also tied, the tiebreaker will be decided by the next highest ranked game, and so on, until the tie has been settled. In the unlikely event that this method does not break the tie due to the players’ five qualifying ranks matching exactly, a coin will be flipped to determine the outcome.

    All non-essential qualifying ties, which is any tie not related to the qualifying bubble, will be decided in a similar fashion. The winner of each tiebreaking procedure will always receive the higher seed. Players will never be given a choice of seed at any point.

    Final Rounds:

    At the conclusion of the qualifying round, the final ranks of each player across all games will be collected and tabulated. The 16 players with the highest qualifying scores will be notified that they will be required to play in the finals the following day.

    The top 16 players will be seeded in a single elimination tournament bracket so that seeds 1 and 2 cannot meet until the final match. In each head-to-head match three different games will be played, the higher-seeded competitor will have the option of choosing which arcade title is going to be played first and third, while the lower seed will select the game to be played second. Once a player has made a verbal declaration to a scorekeeper or Tournament Director by choosing an arcade title the decision is declared final and cannot be altered.

    The choice of arcade title during the final rounds will proceed by order of seed from highest to lowest, before returning to the higher seeds of each match to choose the third game of their respective matches. Once an arcade title has been chosen, it cannot be chosen by another group of competitors during that same round. This limitation intentionally gives higher qualifying seeds an advantage when choosing arcade titles during the final rounds.

    Tournament Directors reserve the right to substitute or add additional arcade titles or duplicate machines to the final rounds. If any arcade titles are added to the final rounds that were not used during the qualifying portion of the contest, all competitors will be given a 3-minute warm-up period on the machine prior to their having to compete on it. In most situations, games will only be added to the final rounds to offset malfunctions or mechanical failures that occurred during the qualifying portion of the event.

    Competitors are only permitted to choose an arcade title once during the entirety of the final rounds. For example, if a higher-seed chooses Ms. Pac-Man in the first game of the first round, he or she will not be permitted to choose Ms. Pac-Man again for the remainder of the tournament. His or her opponent could still pick Ms. Pac-Man, however, making it possible that a competitor could play the same game multiple times.

    In the final round, the two finalists shall compete over 5 games with the higher seed selecting the first game, lower seed selecting the second, higher seed selecting the third, lower seed selecting the fourth and the fifth being selected at random from games neither player has competed on in the finals thus far.

    All games in the finals shall have a time limit of 10 minutes.

    On each game competitors will play separate single-player games and will compare scores, with the lower seed playing first in the first game. After the first game in each round, the loser of the previous game will have the option of playing first or second in the subsequent game until an overall winner for the round has been determined.

    Double Finals:

    Doubles team finals will take place in a similar manner to the individual competition with the top 4 ranked teams playing in a bracketed semi finals followed by a final round.

    BPAC-Calendar-21 - Final.pdf

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    Mates. Absolutely incredible start to the sale over the past 5 days.

    Sales on track to match 2020!!

    Thank you all so much for the support.

    Quick note that we also have a live merch store at Big Cartel

    If you want to purchase a shirt, marquee, poster or decide at a later date you would like to buy a bus pass the store will be open through to the end of June.

    We will also be dropping updated posters and Kong Off IV marquees and side art soon.


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