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Death By Arcade 2020 - CANCELLED.

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  • [QLD] - Death By Arcade 2020 - CANCELLED.

    Tickets on sale tomorrow the 22nd of Feb from midday brothers and sisters.


    For the first year alongside Death By Pinball, we'll also be hosting DEATH BY ARCADE, a 24 hour arcade gaming marathon over the Easter weekend.

    Kicking off from 9am on Bad Saturday the 11th of April, the tortured ticket holders will enter a closed door event in the Netherworld.

    Over the course of the day and night, you'll compete over a nightmarish assortment of arcade mini comps, including endurance tests, team matches, head to head bouts and relays over ALL manner of games.

    In between rounds, you’ll be free to play Netherworld’s many machines, compete in a side comp or have a quick rest on the ‘stage pit of shame’.

    Special rewards will be given to those that actually survive the night. Each survivor will get a special Death By Arcade patch.

    Tickets are $80 each and come with entry, a limited edition pin, 3 meals, a midnight snack and 2 drinks. BYO snacks. Cash prizes for the top places! Grab them via

    Shirts will be available via pre-order for $30 until the cut off date of March 23rd, featuring the amazing art of Murdoch Stafford.
    Sizing Chart:

    The bar will be open, though alcohol service will cease at 3am. The bar will be closed to the public for this event – Only those with tickets will be permitted entry. Tickets limited!
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    Dear All,

    Below is the format and games that will be the go for the inaugural Death by Arcade. the game list may change slightly in the time to come but we're pretty stoked about what we have going.

    Throughout the night we're going to have some Mini Challenges, the people attending the Death by Pinball. These challenges will be, shall we say, silly in nature, and are designed more so to mess with the players sleep deprived state than being just a pure test of skill.

    Some of the event will be streamed, whilst this is going on we'll be asking viewers to make donations to Beyond Blue to help raise funds for those affected by mental health issues. It's something that is close to us all organising this event so we hope to raise as much as we can to help.

    Please feel free to ask any questions! Hoping to see you all there!!!

    Death By Arcade 24 hours

    9am – 1.30pm: Frenzy

    3min score Chasers

    Donkey Kong Frogger Galaga Sonic (Sega),
    Time Pilot Missile Command (Atari 2600) Gorf.

    2 Player Vs

    WipeOut (PS1) Mortal Kombat II Point Blank.

    1.30 – 4pm: Ten Minute Tantrum:

    A newer format we thought we’d try. You have ten minutes on the games below to get the best score you can, you can have multiple credits, multiple restarts but once that timer runs out you post your best score on any given credit.


    Pacman Tony Hawks 3 (PS2) Crazy Taxi
    Ice Cold Beer Space Invaders Q*Bert
    Golden Axe Dragons Lair Terminator 2
    Bubble Bobble Donkey Kong Street Fighter II:
    Point Blank (Training)

    4pm – 7pm: Multi-Player Mayhem:


    Mari Kart 64 Micro Machines Worms.

    Essentially this will be a MK64 tournament, with other multiplayer games being playable so as there’s other games to play. This will also be the time where we think a lot of people will try their hand at the Mini-Challenges (which the pinball crew can join in on too)

    7pm – 11pm: Head to Head

    Head To Head 2 Player VS games - Either competing against each other or competing for a highest score at the same time on the same machine.

    Mortal Kombat II Street Fighter II Daytona Pong
    Bishi Bashi Point Blank Mario Kart64 Road Rash (PS1)
    NBA Jam Twisted Metal (PS1) Halo (king of the hill)

    11pm – 3am: Arcade Relay & Daytona USA Le Mans

    For this we're going to get a Le Mans (24hr car race) style going with Daytona, maximum laps with drivers swapping out throughout the night. A true test of how you can cope whilst being sleep deprived and possibly inebriated. You'll be able to express interest on the day for this.

    At the same time as this, if there are people who maybe don’t want to partake in the Daytona challenge and if there are people who want to do both we’ll run a “Relay/Team” style event on the games below. Teams will be randomly assigned, start your credit, if you die or finish a board it's on to the next person in your team.


    Donkey Kong Galaga Pacman
    Frogger Space Invaders Bubble Bobble
    Final Fight Metal Slug 3 Simpsons
    Ninja Turtles

    3am – 6am: Console Tournament


    GoldenEye Tony Hawk (PS2) Halo

    6am – 9am: Balls-to-the-wall, What-even-is-sleep-Deprivation, Sleep-When-You're-Dead, All-in, Am-I-Hallucinating?? Why-Do-Those-Gnomes-Mock-Me?? Final Frenzy

    For this we were literally thinking every game that’s there in order, you start at one side of the bar and keep going until you run out of games to play, we’re thinking 3min time limit and any 2 player game is high score, very similar to the Frenzy.


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      The format looks like a lot of fun. Being that I likely won't be able to attend, you can totally disregard this suggestion.

      I remember reading on social media that you recently got Twinkle Star Sprites for Neo Geo. I recommend getting a 2-player multiplayer session on that happening. It's so much fun with beers, a total staple of my games nights.


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        Heart broken to say this event is cancelled mates.

        Am very sorry if you were coming from interstate and have flights booked. I understand airlines are being pretty responsive to refunds or change of date requests.

        For those that bought tickets I will refund your tickets in full tonight. I will also make sure you get a pin and would like to offer you a discount on an event t-shirt.

        I love the design so much that it will be going up for sale to the general public hopefully in t-shirt and hoodie form. Will be in touch once I have the items in our new Netherworld store page.

        Again mates am very sorry this won't be going ahead.

        I hope you are all staying safe out there and I hope you are all staying home.


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          Things will bounce back.


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