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BPAC 2020 - Tiltin' in Milton

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  • BPAC 2020 - Tiltin' in Milton

    Good morning mates

    The full event schedule for BPAC 2020 - Tiltin' in Milton is live!!!

    Another 10 days of pure pinball and arcade heaven on top of one of Brisbane's finest breweries and within walking distance to some of the cities best bars.

    New location for 2020 is Newstead Brewery, Milton. 67 Castlemaine St Milton under the shadow of Suncorp Stadium.

    All tickets including all access passes and individual events go on sale Sunday March 1st at midday Brisbane time.

    We have a world of other news to share over the next couple of months. Side comps, consoles, vendors, beer specials. The list is endless.

    Massive thanks to our sponsors and the BPAC Massive who have already been putting in bulk hours to bring you the best event we can.


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    Arcade Ticketing Info

    Please read through.

    Tickets for ALL events go on sale Sunday March 1st from midday QLD time. That includes the Arcade All Access Pass plus all the individual events.

    The Arcade All Access Pass is $180 and includes all arcade events across the 10 days. It also includes a t-shirt, limited edition pin and schwag bag. The full value of the All Access Pass would be in excess of $240.

    The full list of possible events included in the Arcade All Access Pass are:
    • Donkey Kong Level 4 Comp
    • Australian Kong Off 4
    • Donkey Kong Country High Score Competition
    • Australian Kong Off 4 Finals
    • Donkey Kong Country High Score Competition
    • Two Headed Monster Comp at Netherworld
    • Puzzled Arcade Tournament at Pincadia
    • 1CC Marathon Day at 1Up Arcade
    • Super Ultimate Punch Turbo Edition
    • Australian Arcade Championships II
    • River Raid Atari 2600 Tournament
    When the ticketing link goes live you will notice several events from the calendar image are not listed. These events can only be paid for on the night at the venue.

    The full list of individual events with pricing and capacity are listed below. You will also have the chance to purchase t-shirts and other merch through the ticketing process. Only limited amounts of merchandise will be available at the event itself.

    Donkey Kong Level 4 Comp (DKL4)
    Price - $20
    Capacity - 64

    Australian Kong Off 4 (OZKO4)
    Price - $45
    Capacity - 120

    Donkey Kong Country High Score Competition
    Price - $10
    Capacity - unlimited

    Two Headed Monster Comp at Netherworld
    Price - $20
    Capacity - 32 teams of 2

    Puzzled Arcade Tournament at Pincadia
    Price - $10
    Capacity - 32

    1CC Marathon Day at 1Up Arcade
    Price - $18
    Capacity - unlimited

    Super Ultimate Punch Turbo Edition
    Price - $30
    Capacity - 32

    Australian Arcade Championships II (AAC)
    Price - $45
    Capacity - 120

    River Raid Atari 2600 Tournament
    Price - $10
    Capacity - 32

    If you are planning on loaning an arcade machines to the event, firstly, thank you, an event like this is simply impossible without the generosity of the fine men and women from within the community.

    Secondly, please touch base with Jon Tannahill at your earliest convenience so we can ensure you have a ticket for any event/events you would like to attend in exchange for loaning machine/machines.

    Any questions or queries please ask here or hit up the BPAC Massive at


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      Browsing hotel websites now. Just to confirm, will this be based at Newstead Brewing, Castlemaine St, Milton?


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        Jimmy Nails

        Hey mate the shirts are looking absolutely fantastic!

        Is there any chance that an AAC2 shirt will run?


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          Got my ticket! Woohoosh!


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            Originally posted by Yetimon View Post
            Got my ticket! Woohoosh!
            Yes mate!!

            Site is Newstead Milton

            Sorry Tonjo there will not be an AAC tee I'm afraid


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              Alright, can't wait!!!


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                Sooo, our Prime Minster just grounded us till at least July. I'm sure this'll all blow over by August.


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                    Hey mates.

                    Just letting you all know we are monitoring the current situation surrounding Covid 19 closely. Until we are 100% sure of how things are going to look in August all funds from entry fees and sponsors will remain untouched.

                    For now mates please stay safe. If you are in regular close contact with someone vulnerable, please be careful about the public environments you expose yourself to.

                    Be sure to reach out to friends, family, neighbours and other people within the community who may need assistance going to the shops, getting medication or may simply need some advice on where they should or should not visit.

                    Also wash your hands. Hot soapy water. Do it. Do it now. Then do it again.

                    Big love, the BPAC Massive


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                      As many of you may have been expecting, we unfortunately have to cancel the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Collective showcase of 2020 in its entirety.

                      It saddened us as a committee to come to this decision, but there is simply too much uncertainty regarding the coming months. We considered all alternatives and while we wish to remain open to the possibility of running an event later in the year, there is no certainty around the capacity we'll have to give you the best possible event.

                      We hope that you will all understand this decision and incredibly, the fine people at the ticketing platform Humanitix will be refunding all tickets in full, including any merchandise purchased. You can expect to see funds reappear in your accounts in the coming days.

                      We would like to take this opportunity to thank our committee who have already volunteered countless hours to BPAC 2020.

                      In particular, we’d like to thank Jason Lambert for curating the greatest 10-day pinball event on earth and Jon Tannahill for creating an equally exciting and varied 10-day arcade schedule that we can’t wait to see come to fruition in 2021.

                      We’d also like to offer thanks to local Brisbane artist Nelson Gibbins for putting together such an incredible art package. Nelson worked like a demon putting the entire collection together including posters, t-shirts, pins, and badges. Thanks also to Luke Shield for making everything plum and shiny for printing.

                      Thanks must also go to the sponsors Pincadia, Netherworld, Game the System, 1UP Arcade Australia, Pinball Haus,
                      Soft Plunge Pinball, Double Danger Pinball Accessories, Comet Pinball and especially Wayne from Mr Pinball Australia who was backing the event as our major sponsor in 2020. Wayne has already offered to get behind us in 2021!

                      Also we can not thank the crew at Newstead Brewing Co. enough for their incredible support of the event and being so accommodating with every idea and requests we had. We can't wait to create an event in the incredible space upstairs in 2021.

                      Lastly, a supermassive thanks to everyone in the community for supporting the event. There were over $30,000 in ticket sales over just 2 weeks, with several events selling out and the Brisbane Masters tracking for its biggest attendance to date.

                      Knowing how much support we have from the community and how much people were looking forward to this event makes the entire team deeply committed to bringing you the best event we can in 2021.

                      Again, we are deeply sorry to have to make this decision, but 100% committed to bringing you the best arcade and pinball events in the future.

                      We will endeavour to select and announce the dates for 2021 in the coming weeks.

                      If you have any questions please shoot us a message at

                      Stay safe. Stay well.

                      Big love,The BPAC Massive

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                        Hi Jimmy. That's sad news, but we support you and I think you've made the right call. We'll be there for you next year with love in our hearts and calluses on our fingers.

                        Keep slapping - err, I mean, keep flipping!


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