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$1k ($1000 AUD) Bounty - Bump 'n' Jump

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  • $1k ($1000 AUD) Bounty - Bump 'n' Jump

    $1k (AUD $1,000) bounty.

    So there has been talk recently about a bounty system (on Twin Galaxies) - I'm offering this one up - no catches, I'll pay it if someone does it.

    The game - Bump 'n' Jump.

    Settings are as per TG rules:

    Hard Settings

    Bonus life 30k and every 30k (they stop after 990k)

    3 Starting lives

    Playing on MAME - you MUST submit your INP along with video of you playing the game - so have a webcam on you. The INP must be analysed - community voting will not be accepted without this.

    Playing on an original arcade - you must film yourself playing the original machine, you must film all game play and you must film the original PCB - I'll also accept those with Burnin' Rubber PCBs which is the same game - it's actually the original, Bump 'n' Jump was the renamed game for the North America market.

    This bounty is limited to those players who have not previously scored over 2.5 million on this game - everyone else is fair game.

    Players who have been caught cheating (in terms of the TG dispute threads) are not eligible to enter.

    The bounty expires on Dec 31, 2020 meaning your score must be accepted into the database by that date.

    The score you must achieve - 5,000,000.

    Any questions - ask away.

    To win the bounty - you must be a member of Twin Galaxies and have your score adjudicated on by the cut off date.

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    Additional bounty just added....

    $200 for the first player to get over 1 Million pts.

    Open to Aussie and NZ players only - and players that have not previously scored over 1 million points before. As per the original bounty, you must submit your score to Twin Galaxies and have it verified to claim.


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