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Gala-Gala - May 25-26, 2019


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    [QLD] - Gala-Gala - May 25-26, 2019

    Gala-Gala Events

    Pincadia are the host arcade in the Southern Hemisphere for a number of Galaga events. Down the track, we hope to come under a broader world-wide banner and see other arcades join us in hosting concurrent competitions for Galaga players everywhere.

    For this first event, the competitions will all be contained to Pincadia, streamed live on Twitch, with commentary over the weekend by Phil day and adjudication by the Galaga Forum through their representative member/s onsite.

    There are a series of competitions and demonstrations over the Gala-Gala weekend:
    • The Battle of the Hemispheres: An annual event where pilots qualify to represent earth's hemispheres, battling each other for the perpetual shield and individual prizes and bragging rights.
    • Next Best: A chance for the next highest qualifying scores (those 16 scores that follow the Hemispheres team members) to play off in sudden death match rounds to determine who is next in line to join the Hemispheres teams.
    • High Score Bounty: On finals day, the single best score on the day of the qualifying pilots will be awarded the High Score Bounty.
    • Best Match: This is for all players. As all scores are recorded, a Pincadia Representative (Tanya) will play a standard game of Galaga. The score from that game will be compared to all other games played to find the closest match. P.S. Tanya isn't that good a player - yet.
    • Crown v Country: an exhibition match of some of the worlds best players in teams a little different to the hemispheres model. Competitive banter will be encouraged amongst players for us to see their less "serious" side.
    • World Record Attempt (or two): we can't have that many good players in the room without also having some of them go for a world record. More details on when the players will duke it out soon.
    • Wild Card: A secret player will stream in from a hidden star base to challenge our guests over the weekend.
    • Spot Awards: At Pincadia's discretion, random players over the course of the weekend will be awarded instantly. Why? It's a secret... for now.

    Now for the official rules:


    Galaga Micro-31 [see Settings below]

    Competitors are Ranked by their qualifying score. The highest qualifying score is given Rank 1, the second qualifying score is given Rank 2, the third highest qualifying score is given Rank 3, the fourth highest qualifying score is given Rank 4.

    The Rank 1 competitor for each team is also the Team Captain.

    Note: Should the Team captain be ill/injured/absent, the competitor in positioned at Rank 2 is now the acting Team Captain.

    Rank Team 1 Team 2
    Rank 4 Win Loss
    Rank 3 Loss Win
    Rank 2 Win Loss
    Rank 1 Loss Win
    Total 2 2
    A team scoring three points is awarded the win (regardless of a zero-point score for their Rank 1 competitor).

    A team scoring four points is awarded a win.

    Should a team gain three points in the first three sets, and therefore victorious before the last set is played, they MUST still play the last set. Thus, allowing each competitor the opportunity to be awarded Overall Highest Scorer.

    The Overall Highest Scorer Award is awarded to the highest scorer regardless of Rank or Team Division.

    Teams are decided through a qualifying process to find their 4 team players plus one reserve player.

    Each qualifying game must commence at Stage one and terminate at the end of Stage 31. Regardless of whether or not a player reaches the end of Stage 31, the final score will be recorded as a qualifying attempt by the adjudicator.

    Attempts to qualify for Gala-Gala are to be performed on specific Galaga Cabinet(s) chosen by the host arcade. Each competitor must notify the adjudicator of their attempt before the commence of play. Games performed on unspecified Galaga cabinets, or games performed without notifying the adjudicator before the game commences, will NOT be deemed suitable for submission for qualification.

    QUALIFYING ATTEMPTS THE RESERVESETTINGS (For those that want to practice at home)

    Micro-31 Format

    Dip-Switch Bank 6J:
    1 = OFF 2 = OFF 3-6 = OFF 7 = OFF/UNUSED 8 = OFF

    Dip-Switch Bank 6K:
    1-3 = OFF 4 = ON 5 = OFF 6-7 = ON 8 = OFF

    The above Dip Switches are the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, and are the correct Settings for Galaga Hemisphere Shield, Crown V Country Exhibition matches, and submission for Galaga Forum Micro-31 leaderboard.

    Settings will provide the following format:

    Lives: 3
    Extra Ship: 20k, 70k, and every 70k up to 980k
    Difficulty: Rank A
    Special Rules: Player must cease play at the end of Stage 31. Use of the trick to cause enemies to stop firing is banned.
    Special Note: Qualifying attempts MUST be performed on a Namco or Midway PCB. Other hardware revisions may be accepted if the rom revision displays correct dip-switch settings and gameplay.

    Galaga Macro Format
    Dip-Switch Bank 6J:
    1 = OFF 2 = OFF 3-6 = OFF 7 = OFF/UNUSED 8 = OFF
    Dip-Switch Bank 6K:
    1=OFF 2=ON 3 = OFF 4 = ON 5 = OFF 6-7 = ON 8 = OFF

    The above Dip Switches are the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, and are the correct Settings for Galaga Macro Exhibition matches, and submission for Galaga Forum "Macro Format" leaderboard.

    Settings will provide the following format:

    Lives: 3
    Extra Ship: 20k, 70k, and every 70k up to 980k
    Difficulty: Rank C
    Special Rules: Players must achieve a Killscreen for their score to be recognised
    Special Note: Qualifying attempts MUST be performed on a Namco or Midway PCB. Other hardware revisions may be accepted if the rom revision displays correct dip-switch settings and gameplay.

    The highest achieved kill-screen score will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the player who achieves the score first shall be deemed the winner.

    Gala-Gala "Next Best" SUB-COMPETITION

    The top 16 players (plus 4 reserves) who do not qualify for either Galaga Hemisphere Shield team will be placed into a single elimination 16 seed tournament to be played on the Sunday which will proceed the Galaga Hemisphere Shield main event

    Local and international guests attending, but not limited to, who have arcade scores for Galaga - Arcade (TGTS, not the format that will be played in this competition include):

    World Rank Player
    1 Mike Thompson
    3 Jordan Dorrington
    5 Andrew Barrow
    6 Phil Day
    25 John McAllister
    46 Dwayne Richard
    105 John McNeill
    This is possibly a once in a lifetime event for Brisbane and Australian residents to meet the cream of crop, best Galaga players in the world. In addition, you'll also get a chance to meet with John McAllister, considered one of the top 2 players in the world on Classic Arcade Games, along with Dwayne Richard - the man behind the Man Vs Snake documentary, and classic arcade world record holder on too many games to mention.

    Entry fee is only $15 which will get you a limited edition Pincadia "Gala-Gala" trading card, and drink. Play as many times as you need to qualify for $1 a game.

    Merchandise including T-shirts, Gala-Gala arcade marquees (which you can get singed), posters etc. will be available for sale at the event.

    This event will include the largest prize money purse and highest number of world ranked players on a classic arcade machine that Australia has ever seen... Don't miss your chance to be there.

    More information to come about meeting with the best Galaga players in the world, including master classes, one-on-one tutoring and just hanging with the guys.

    "Beer, it does a belly good!"

    Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


      I'd reckon this is going to be a pretty damn good event that you don't want to miss!

      My stream - - Pop in and say hello!


        Head 2 Head play on this comp is going to be amazing - watching Galaga legends fight it out on a short form of the game will be great to watch - it's gonna be super close and will come down to those who can take calculated chances rather than those who can play for hours on end.

        Some of the practice scores I've seen so far mean this comp will be ultra tight. Huge props to Phil Day for this format, it's gonna be fun.


          Time is ticking...9 days.

          Looking forward to meeting and competing with all of you Southern Hemispherians.


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            It's getting close.....

            The store is open with all sorts of Gala-Gala merchandise goodness :

            A limited run of Marquees (both Gala-Gala and Q*Bert which will be signed by Warren Davis) are in the works thanks to Noodle Shirt ( These are available in limited numbers ($50 each or $90 for both). We can have them signed for you and posted if you aren't able to make the event. Get in quick if you want one or both of these.

            More items will be added in the next day or two, including a full sized "movie style" poster, Galaga Program guide (featuring the first in our Beginners Series books), Q*Bert Beginners Guide (Special Edition).


              Sounds great and it's happening this weekend. Good luck to all the competitors and the guests. I'll be watching the stream on Twitch.

              Click image for larger version

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              MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner - on now!



                I'll keep this re-cap as short as I possibly can, absolutely exhausted after a massive weekend in Brisbane for the Gala-Gala.

                Final teams after qualifying were:

                Mike Thompson
                Jordan Dorrington
                John McAllister
                Dwayne Richard

                Andrew Barrow (@barra)
                Derek Broadfoot (@foot)
                Rob Macauley (@rmacauley)
                Mike Coolican

                Mike and Dwayne played a neck and neck game, Mike in front a good portion before Dwayne eventually won out. Next up was Rob V John - both players are known as legends over a massive number of different games. Despite a lower qualifying score, and I guarantee way less practice on the Micro 31 format, Rob took the goods from John making the score 1 -1.

                Next up was Derek v Jordan - another fantastic match, which I'll have to re-watch to really comment further on. Jordan won out, but again, it's not a track the Derek had a great deal of time to practice on. Northern Hemisphere up 2-1.

                It all came down to the last game, Mike (Northern) v Barra (Southern). As per the rules of the competition, if scores were tied at 2 - 2, the winner would be decided by the winner of the number 1 ranked player games - do or die. For those Aussie's who have met Barra, he doesn't mind a beer and hanging with mates, so the greatest portion of the weekend was devoted to that rather than grinding away at the Micro 31 format. Despite this, he pulled off what is probably considered an upset win, to tie the scores at 2 -2 and as a result of being the captain, ensured the brand spanking new trophy is now safely in the hands of the southern hemisphere.

                Plenty of other little sideline competitions as well, great weekend. Thanks to all who attended and supported the event and Pincadia. This is just the beginning, next year is going to even bigger.

                Thanks to the visiting guests from the USA and Canada, special thanks to Q*Bert co-creator Warren Davis for attending and talking about Q*Bert and the industry during the golden age. Also to Phil Day for his expert commentary as usual, and massive thanks to Hugh Dickson for getting us out of a tight spot at the last minute with possibly the cleanest, original Galaga PCB we've ever seen.


                  omg this was the Shabang of all shows it was fantastic. A Big thank you goes out to Tanya Lowe and her Husband for making this event a Spectacular one with international guest at this Venue it was so great.. i cant Stress how great the event went so good and organized.. thank you once again Tanya.. loved being there for a second time round.. Allen Staal.
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                  Barra was here


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