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    Pandora's Key 5S 999 Image (3a)

    Below are the files for a Pandora's key 5s with 999 games. It's still based on the 3a board standard.
    I found it worked fine on my 3a based 4s+. It's also far less buggy than the 1200 rom.
    Extract these and write them onto an 16gb micro SD card using win32diskimager 1.0.0
    I don't remember if you have to copy your key file over to the sd after you are done.. it's been a year since I looked at it and the original forums I worked with are gone.



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      Originally posted by kryptonyte View Post
      I agree with what others have said, for the price and simplicity, Pandora's Boxes are great value as they are plug and play. Obviously MAME on PC (or even Raspberry Pi 3+) can perform better with some games, however will cost more and involve alot more time & configuration to setup.

      Be wary as there are many clones of the original Pandora's Box (ironic considering the original is a emulator of arcade games).

      3A Game Store is the original manufacturer of Pandora's Box. I have always purchased directly from their Aliexpress store with no problems. You may be able to purchase from other resellers, but you do run the risk of receiving a lower quality clone. Their store is here:

      The original Pandora's Box 5 supports 960 in 1. Any Pandora's Box 5 advertised as supporting more games such as a 5S, 5+ etc is a clone/fake. This wasn't too much of an issue with previous versions of Pandora's Box ie 4, 3 etc as all manufacturers basically used the same CPU etc. However, with the new version 5, 3A Games have used upgraded newer CPU & more RAM for better game emulation, whilst also supporting 720P HD resolution output.

      I have both the original 3A Games version 5 and 4S (815 in 1) and the performance increase in the 5 over the 4S is noticeable eg it now plays Mortal Kombat without any slowdown etc.

      Just be wary that original Pandora's Box version 5 is 720P output and does not currently support lower resolution CRT type displays. So the boxes do not work in low resolution arcade machines via JAMMA. They do support VGA or HDMI connections to higher resolution LCD screens, monitors, tvs etc. Clone version 5S, 5+ MAY work on JAMMA lower res screens (I don't have one so cannot comment), but do not have the better CPU/RAM as mentioned above.

      One final thing to note is 3A Games in order to become more "legitimate" with copyright now no longer supplies Pandora's Box version 5 containing any games. However they include a USB thumb drive and then email you a link containing a ZIP file to download the ROMs. After which you simply copy across to said USB thumb drive on your PC, before then plugging it into the Pandora's Bpx version 5 to use. More info here from their Aliexpress ad:

      3A Games also sell a "console" version that plugs in via HDMI to your TV and includes arcade wireless controllers:

      Let me know if you have any other questions as I have used these systems for years and find the original versions to be quite reliable and a cheap plug and play alternative to MAME.
      Well how do you know if you are buying an original or clone? The hardware looks the same. Like here:


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        Originally posted by ballystyx View Post
        Well how do you know if you are buying an original or clone? The hardware looks the same. Like here:
        That is a 5S, which is a clone.

        3A Games only make the following models:

        - Pandora Box 5 which is 960 in 1
        - Pandora Box 6 which is 1300 in 1
        (obviously there are older models 4, 3, etc but they are older so I won't list them. You can find out all the different models and bootlegs etc here: )

        If you want to be 100% safe buy from 3A Games official store on Aliexpress.

        Otherwise when you see items advertised on eBay with those correct xxx in 1 games for the specific model, then you most likely have an original 3A Games produced Pandora Box.


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          Originally posted by Segasonic91 View Post
          I bought a PB 4 last year and tried the hacked images. I could never get the PB hack to work though. I bought the recommended SD card, but still had no luck. I could get the MAME hack to work and the one that had MD, PCE, SFC, 64 etc working but that PB image with games added never worked.

          I am planning on getting the PB6 but it seems like it is still a bit sucky. It is a shame JAMMA+ is gone because I have not been able to find any of the information for hacking since it shut down. I wonder if the PB6 can be hacked to play better versions of MAME etc? I skipped 5 because of the idiotic decision to make a JAMMA board not work on 15hz arcade monitors!
          did you ever hack the pb4s? if so how and what image did you use?


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            Originally posted by Claude View Post
            Fantastic lot of info there [MENTION=2258]kryptonyte[/MENTION] I managed to download the other images and they seem to work or at least boot up fine (once I worked out 2 non-readable partitions are created and not to format them) but I have other issues with my Panadora's 5s box clone boards controls not working in my Atomiswave SD cab but that's for another thread. Thanks heaps.
            help none of the images work :-(


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              Anyone have sound issues with these? I've bought a cab with a 1299 in 1 Pandora's box, the sound on some of the games is whack, like donkey kong has no run or jump sound etc. Are any off the newer Pandora's boxes to suit Jamma any better? Or just the same games added again without bug fixes?


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                Hi all I have managed to get retro pan running in my machine. It boots into vertical mode (for cocktail) when I hold player one, but no games open in vertical. Can anyone help with this?

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                  Hello everybody, I have a PB Keys 5s and the language is in korean? Is anyone has a image file for english language?
                  your help is very much appreciated...


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