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  • I only got two because I don't think I will get another Cab


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      Some of you might be interested to know that I set my Games Wizard Xtreme up with an HDMI/USB KVM switch from eBay and it works. I can now run my PS3 and PS4 at the same time and switch between the two at the touch of a button (or remote). The main challenge was I wanted to avoid changing the USB plug from the cabinet over to the console I wanted to play on. I purchased the 4 into 1 unit to anticipate a future Xbox and or Steam PC purchase but they sent me the 2 into 1 by mistake. A 4 into 1 is on the way though. Iím guessing the Highway controller board in these is a bit like the Brooks fighting board and so it may work the same way.

      Thanks [MENTION=21488]waali[/MENTION] for the cube storage idea.

      Click image for larger version

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      • Originally posted by digital_steve View Post
        I might sound a bit dumb here, but hang with me...
        I recently got my first candy cab (Sega Astro City) and love it; the space they take up is just right, so I can fit more in my little nerd room.
        I've been looking around trying to find more and looking at other stuff (Vewlix etc).

        Can you run dedicated JAMMA boards with the Highway Game Wizard Extreme? Is everything actually in there, ready to go?
        Yes you can do that.


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