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A couple of questions about jpac and neo geo motherboards

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  • A couple of questions about jpac and neo geo motherboards

    Hey guys just had a quick couple of questions I was hoping someone could clear up for me.

    First of all if I'm running a j-pac do I need to run my video through the j-pac? If I am using a pc monitor/tv can I simply run my video straight from the pc and only use the j-pac for the controls?

    Secondly I've been looking at Neo Geo 1 slots on ebay and they imply that they plug directly into a standard jamma harness. If the 4th button for my players 1 and 2 is hard soldered onto my game board, does that need to be de soldered and run through pins 25 and c on the jamma harness to work with a neo geo board? From googling I think that would be the only change needed, it was also my understanding it would just run in mono with a regular jamma speaker wiring but have I missed anything?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    neo geo 1 slots just plug into a jamma connector, 2 and 4 slots are different cause they run stereo sound and have to be wired different, as for the 4th buttons you will have to de solder them off your board and solder them onto the jamma harness pins 25 and c like you said then it should be sweet to go,


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      what about the Neo Geo select button, I've seen some people say you need it on pins 26 ( i think) but does it really need a select button and a start button on a multi cart?


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        You don't need a select button with the multi card


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          Thanks, does anyone know if a jpac works without a monitor run through it?


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