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    Thought I would start a thread of links to sites with FINISHED Game rooms
    maybe steal some ideas, but generally drool

    This first one is awesome...I would like some of this carpet for mine.

    Heres another

    ok so this isn't arcade but look at the dedication

    Features game rooms of the month

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    I'm helping a mate build his games room soon. He's got around 6 working uprights and 2 working cocktails, plus another 4-5 non-working mxied others which are all due for repair once he has the room. Plus there'll be a few candy cabs from the lot we imported recently.

    He's building a Titan shed (6m x 9m) out the back yard, with double-gyprock insulation, air con, black (UV) lights, UV-reactive carpet, etc. He's also got a 100cm rear projection TV which I'm turning into a MAME cabinet for him, and he's got 2 spare Plasma TVs (yes, he has way too many toys) which will go up on the walls probably to play cable TV, or maybe some oldschool cartoons and stuff from a computer-driven AV "video jukebox" system I'll throw together.

    The hardest bit for me will be convincing the missus that I need to visit him every weekend.

    So far the slab's been laid, and the shed is due for building within the next 2 months or so. The tricky part has been finding a gamesroom-style carpet. In the US there's heaps of places that sell that sort of stuff, but nothing here. Anyone know any good carpet people with some funky designs?
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      Cool, be sure to posts some pictures!
      Even club or cinema carpet would be good, but to get the full effect you need stuff that glows with the dark lights.
      I am keen on making a tv style juke box...know any good links?


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        Yeah, cinema carpet seems to be the only local option. Will keep looking though.

        Check the BYOAC website and forums for good jukebox examples:,5.0.html

        The video jukebox I'm building this guy will just be a networked Linux machine that plays random files from a dump location that he can upload to from his main machine in his house (he'll be doing underground power, network and TV to the gameroom shed from the house). There's a tonne of quick Web/PHP frontends out there that let you select music over the network, like Tunez:

        There's heaps of others, althuogh I'm happy to just keep it simple, and have the machine constantly pick random songs/videos from a dump site (play video if it's there, or use a visualiser for music to keep pretty pictures on the screen).
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          Here's a couple more

          Classic soundtrack too! on the "games room pictures" link...doh !
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