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    I was searching in Google for posters/large prints of video game/arcade/console posters, but more for classic/older games rather than stuff from the last couple of years, and wasn't having any luck really. It's a bit annoying, as I'm sure it's not too tricky to get posters/prints of classic movies and albums, but nothing's there for video games. Gotta love the gaming industry

    Anywho, does anyone have a place they could recommend I check out online for this kind of thing? Or would DIY be a better option? If the latter, what sites do you guys use to source super hi-res artwork suitable for poster printing?

    The stuff I'm keen on would be games from the 80s and up to the mid-90s. There used to be some great Sega Saturn posters that came out locally back in the day as well - I reckon I have a Guardian Heroes one somewhere around the place that I could probably scan and restore, but any more of that variety would be great.

    I guess there's always eBay - haven't looked much on there, but I'm guessing there might be some original posters up on there that would do the job. Maybe

    If anyone has any suggestions, would be great to hear them!
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