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New Mortal Kombat game looks *great*

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  • New Mortal Kombat game looks *great*

    Well, I sure got my panties wet from that :-)

    Looks like they've "adopted" the SF4 2d-game-presented-in-3d approach. Of which I thoroughly approve.

    Fingers crossed, but I really like the look of that video!

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    Looks good, hopefully it lives up to it shame about the name though, I hate it when they re-use the original name.
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      For those that don't know, Midway went bust recently. After years of mismanagement and pig-headedness from Ed Boon (original MK creator), they lost a bucket of cash and went belly up.

      Late last year the rights to the MK series were bought out by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. They also hired Ed Boon in the process, but it appears they had the sense to slap him around a bit, tell him to pull his head out of his arse and get back to basics.

      I personally don't think there's been an MK game worth playing since MK3. And even MK3 was broken and busted (more infinite juggles and game-breaking horse shit than any other fighter out there). Lets hope this game sees some quality development and testing, and they don't screw it up.
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        can agree

        the whole juggling thing has just lost me these days. i prefer just plain out smashing the shit of the other player not the button in a hope of some megasuperwhatthe****didido move
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          Originally posted by elvis View Post
          Lets hope this game sees some quality development and testing, and they don't screw it up.
          Can't agree more!

          Loved SFIV (and still do), but that said, it wasn't easy to pull off. I really hope they can do the same with MK...... On top of the testing and development, a PC version will be needed for it really to hit home with the home-cab makers though - wonder if there is a plan for it.


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