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    Personally i know that i see alot of arcade machines on the web that i want to be able to play locally. Alot of these machines are either too big or too expensive for alot of poeple to have in their homes. Thats is why i was thinking of keeping some sort of database of local arcades and arcade games, so people could look here for their favorite games and know where to find them.

    I know that this might be difficult due to the speed at which some operators remove machines, and the lack of fixed locations these days, but i figured that it wouldnt hurt to try anyway.

    So here's the idea, how about we get a list of arcades available in various locations and some of the bigger machines / obscure / whatever machines that they have. People can also request certain games and if a memeber has info on where one is, then please post.

    Here Goes...

    Arcade Locals

    -Brisbane, Garden City Shopping Center, Mt Gravatt (BCC Cinema Complex)
    -Brisbane, Browns Plains Shopping Center, Browns Plains (Cinema Complex + Arcade)
    -Timezone Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

    Level 1,
    857 George St, SYDNEY NSW, 2007


    -Initial D (Brisbane, Browns Plains Shopping Center, Browns Plains (Arcade)), ( Timezone Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast ) Vulture
    -Ferrari F355 Challenge DX Machine, (spotted on 1/10/2005, Brisbane, Garden City Shopping Center, Mt Gravatt (BCC Cinema Complex) ) (Berty)

    none yet!

    Sega R360 Cab with G-Loc, used to be in timezone in the city (brisbane)

    Sega Airline Pilots

    The House of the Dead 3
    Outrun 2 Special Tours
    Ridge Racer V

    I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible. TSC, can you please put down the machines that you have running at your location once you get them.

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    visited 21/3/06

    most has not been updated since around 2000-ish

    Grand Prix pinball - last time i played 2 games, 5/6 balls were pulled straight down the middle through the flippers - great fun. i really want to go back.
    Star wars episode 1 pinball (set on max difficulty)
    • House of the dead 1
    • Jurassic Park – The Lost World (sit down shooter)
    • Confidential Mission?
    • Crisis Zone
    • Big Buck Hunter
    • Sega Rally (worse condition ever)
    • Manx TT
    • Initial D
    • Maximum Tune 2
    • Thrill Drive
    • Daytona (6 player but not lined up properly – why?)
    • Dance Dance Revolution (for some reason there’s always guys on this)
    • Virtual Tennis (standup atomiswave? cab)
    • Point Blank 1
    • 39 in 1 (large but only 1 player)
    • The king of fighters - neo wave (sit down rear pro machine)
    • Tekken 5 (back to back 2 player cab)
    • Soul Caliber 2
    • Metal Slug 2 (large 2 player sit down cabinet)
    • Pool Tables (small)
    visited 12 months ago

    not updated since around 1997

    Austin Powers Pinball (hard but great fun)
    • 36 in 1 (large standup 4 player cabinet)
    • GTI Club
    visited 14/7/06

    there 1 pinball is regularly updated but nothing else is

    The Simpson’s Pinball Party
    • Vampire Nights
    • Ghost Squad (2 player)
    • Point Blank 1
    • Scud Race
    • Initial D
    • Maximum Tune
    (The following are all in OK Baby / Atomiswave back to back style cabinets)
    • Marvel Vs Capcom
    • Street Fighter EX2+
    • Soul Caliber 2
    • Tekken 5
    • Smash Court Tennis

    Last Visited 30/3/06
    (Used to be so much better - 2 pinnies etc)
    • Street Fighter – The New Challengers
    • Virtual Cop
    • Harley Davidson
    • Daytona (2 player)
    • Scud Race
    • Police Trainer
    • Ninja Assault?

    GOLD COAST (IN CAVAL AV - hungry jacks side, beach end)
    visited 28/8/06

    (all in awesome condition)

    I have heard that new owners have taken over and the pinnies have gone to shit. Correction - they have gone to shit!

    - tales of the arabian nights
    - circus voltaire
    - monster bash

    Car / Bike

    • The Fast and The Furious (4 player – awesome fun)
    • Maximum Tune (4 player)
    • Maximum Tune 2
    • Initial D (4 player)
    • POD Racer (4 player)
    • 10 player Daytona - huge screens (with video of players)
    • 8 Player Daytona - non moving
    • 18 Wheeler (dedicated cab with trucker steering wheel)
    • Go-Kart game (sit in real go cart – I forget the name, it's on PS1)
    • Ridge racer (sit in real car with massive screen)
    • Formula 1 (4 player – moves around)
    • Harley Davidson (2 player)
    • Manx TT (2 player)
    • Mortorcross (3 player)
    • Mario Kart (8 player)


    • Ghost squad (x 12 approx.)
    • Time Crisis 2
    • Time Crisis 3
    • Point Blank 1
    • Jurassic Park
    • House of the Dead 2
    • House of the Dead 4


    • Dance Dance Revolution x4
    • Drum Mania
    • Guitar Freaks
    • Table Tennis (with real bats)
    • Bass Fishing x2 (real rod)
    • Some sought of sword game where you use an actual sword to fight
    • Virtual Boxing – uses real movement
    • Virtual Soccer – large field surrounded by nets with gigantic screen – kick balls to score goals
    • Final Furlong – sit on horse and race it
    • River Rapids? – sit in real dingy and race down rapids (1 or 2 player)

    Vs City Machines

    • Soul Caliber 2
    • Marvel Vs Capcom
    • Street Fighter EX Plus
    • Tekken 4
    • Tekken 5 (x2) (for some reason they're now gone and they only have t4)
    • Fifa World Cup


    • Aprox 30 redemption machines

    • Mini put-put (18 hole course)
    • Pool Tables x 4
    • Dodgem Cars
    • Juke Box

    visited 3 months ago

    Simpson’s pinball party- as always, on max difficulty. saw about 4 games played and the longest someone lasted was about 2 minutes.
    World cup soccer pinball - stuffed
    Star Wars Trilogy pinball - very easy
    • Pod Racer (proper controls)
    • 8 player Daytona (moves around)
    • Mechassualt (12? Player – sit inside mech with proper controls - endless hours of fun – games last approx. 10min – cost $5)
    • 36 in 1 (large standup cab)
    • Point Blank 2?
    • Baseball (large netted area with huge screen featuring pitchers - balls are shot out at you to hit)

    Visited 2/1/06
    (Old games from closed down Replay

    World Cup Soccer Pinball
    • Raiden 2
    • Time Crisis 2
    • GTI Club
    • Daytona (4 player)
    • House of the Dead 2
    • Ranger Mission
    • Formula 1 game (the old one that moves around)
    --- interesting fact: skill tester with Chicken Little’s inside and people were actually winning them!

    Brisbane City
    Bits and peices are updated
    Last Visited approx 4/06
    • World Poker tour pinball
    Who cares what else
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      cool... Anyone know of any Mechassault machines in Adelaide???

      visited last weekend
      (my memory isn't as good as rottenpig's appears to be...)
      Intensity, Norwood cinemas (SA)
      Daytona (4 player)
      Sega Rally (2 player)
      Crazy Taxi (stand up)
      DDR (2 player)
      Ferrari F355 Challenge
      Harley Davidson
      House of the Dead (not sure of the number)
      Virtua Tennis (big screen, sit-down machine)
      couple of Air Hockey tables

      now my memory gets more vague...
      Buck Hunter or something similar
      some spacey Sega racer game, 2 player
      a few other gun games

      lots of gun games & driving games... I think Tennis was the only joystick game in there...


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        i will be going to maroochydore in the next couple of weeks and most probably the gold coast again. so i will get pics (maybe) but will definitely update the gold coast one on caval, cause that place is gigantic and i can't remember everything there.

        Adeptus, you're missing out, those mech machines are sweet. they're like 3m long x 1.5m wide x 2m high. they don't move but it's like sitting in the mech. there's working radar screens, normal view screen, graph screens with health etc, like 4 joysticks and a throttle / thrust lever beside the seat. it's insane. the guy that set us up reckons he's been playing for ages and he still can't use the mech to it's full ability.


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          I have seen those machine with my own eyes and they are abosultely amazing. I used to live on the coast and would go to that arcade at pc fair quite often.


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            I have a photo tour of Surfers Timezone.


            My site is STILL F***ing down so until that gets sorted, you'll have to take my word for it.
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              the one on caval avenue is definitely the best arcade place i've ever been to. it's ginormous, you need like $30 just to play everything you like, let alone the stuff you have gotten sick of. they have some sweet gun games i've never seen anywhere else too,i'll have to find out what the hell they are called


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                Well finally got my domain name issue sorted out. Thank goodness.

                Here is a recent photo tour of Surfers Paradise Arcade.

                P.S. I have spied another NEW (but small) arcade in Surfers Paradise, will keep you informed of developments.
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                  Great photos!

                  I liked the shooting gallery and how you said it went nuts when you took the photo!

                  I see Timezone is (mainly) all driving and shooting games

                  How faded is the Dracula sideart!

                  Look forward to more from everyone. Good work!

                  Originally posted by The Pinny Parlour
                  Well finally got my domain name issue sorted out. Thank goodness.

                  Here is a recent photo tour of Surfers Paradise Arcade.

                  P.S. I have spied another NEW (but small) arcade in Surfers Paradise, will keep you informed of developments.
                  BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!


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                    Originally posted by Berty

                    I'll try and keep this as up to date as possible. TSC, can you please put down the machines that you have running at your location once you get them.
                    Didn't see this thread until just now. I have a few games up and running at the moment. They are:

                    1] Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - VS City [head-to-head cabinet]
                    2] Super Street Fighter II Turbo - VS City [head-to-head cabinet]
                    3] King Of Fighters XI - Astro City 2

                    ALL cabinets have brand new SANWA sticks and buttons on them.

                    Some other decent arcades in Sydney and notable games:

                    1] Galaxy World - George St [KOF XI, Samurai Shodown 6, T5, SFII WW, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum]
                    2] Galaxy World - Haymarket Market City [SF3:3s on a crap cabinet, T5, KOF 02 and some others]
                    3] Timezone - Chatswood Westfields [SF3:3s, KOF's, T5 and a few others]
                    4] Timezone - Castle Hill Shopping Centre [SF3:3s, T5 on crap cabinets]
                    5] Laser 190 - Burwood Road, Burwood [SFA3, SF Ex 2, T5, KOF 98, KOF 02, KOF Neowave, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and more]

                    Most of those arcades I listed have some good games but their cabinets and sticks really affect the quality of play and in general make the game not as fun. Also, many of the Uni's around Sydney [and Melb etc] have pretty good arcades. Sydney Uni has a great selection of Japanese cabinets and games so does Maquarie Uni and UNSW.

                    In Brisbane the best arcade they have is called "Replay" cant remember the exact location. Melbourne CBD has alot of arcades around the Chinatown section - I think 3 to be exact with tons of 3s and KOF to be played... it's like going to HK! In summary Melbourne Chinatown area has the best bunch of arcades remaining in Australia full of Japanese cabinets, excellent players and great games.


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                      Here is a recent photo tour of Surfers Paradise Arcade.

                      awesome work!!! that really sums up timezone on the gold coast. hows that pool table? it's awesome. i like how it's out of order.

                      "In Brisbane the best arcade they have is called "Replay" cant remember the exact location."

                      TSC - replay's are everywhere up here. any general indication of where the one you went to might be? it's awesome finding new arcades.


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                        i went to checkout the maroochydore plaza timezone and the dam thing has closed down. that one was pretty good too. it had the ferrari 355 with 3 screens and bass fishing with the rod and heaps of cool stuff. oh well, have to go to chermside next, see if they have anything new!


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                          Originally posted by rottenpig
                          "In Brisbane the best arcade they have is called "Replay" cant remember the exact location."

                          TSC - replay's are everywhere up here. any general indication of where the one you went to might be? it's awesome finding new arcades.
                          I'm guessing he means Brisbane City (142 Albert Street - near the corner of Albert and Elizabeth).

                          Last time I was in there they had a heap of Astro Cities up the back running newer fighters - Tekken5, MvC2, NeoGeo Battle Colloseum, SF3:3S, SvC:Chaos, and others I forget. Tekken5 gets a LOT of play, and the players are pretty friendly.

                          There's also a DDR machine, Ghost Squad, and 4 daytona units on big rear projections. And I'm probably missing heaps.

                          I keep forgetting to take a camera with me when I go there to document it all.


                          I was in Indooroopilly Westfield yesterday, but forgot to take some photos on my mate's phone camera. Nothing special however. Identical to the description above, except with some additional Initial D 2 and 3 setups, and a Virtua-Cop 2 dual screener. Plenty of "Vs City" cabs for fighter fans. There was a Soul Calibur III there too, along with the usual fighting fare.
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                            Hello All,

                            Most larger shopping centers have small arcades or a few machines near the movies ect..

                            I`m fairly sure there are still arcades at :-

                            The hyperdome, Brownsplains shoping center, Towong and carandale.



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                              Replay - Brisbane CBD

                              I just did some xmas shoping today in the city and decided to pop into replay and take a look around...

                              This is a new games by the looks of it, "Cobra the Arcade Game" - A gun game by namco, i didnt have the cash to play it but it looks like the gun has a lock-on system that fires a laser at the targets on screen. Almost like how the laser lock-on works in the panzer dragoon games...

                              Cobra was also a wide screen game, this cab was for four players.

                              Next up was a new Maximum Tune 2 machine. I didnt really see anyone play this while i was there, but then again it was 9:30 am on a monday morning. Nice graphics, good sound system. The gameplay is pretty similar to Shotaku Battle (Tokyo Highway Battle). Game features the usual suspects... GTR etc.
                              (note the inital d-3 machine besides it)

                              Para Para Paradise, -nuff said. You can see some idiot in the reflection taking a picture too, man i hate tourists!!!

                              Sega Ghost Squad DX machine, Ian took a bunch of pictures of the ones on the Coast. Looks pretty good. VC3 style graphics, in a Tom Clancy style of setting.

                              "Beat Manix II DX 10th Style" yet another music game. Controlls look a bit intimidating for the un-initiated, but stilll a very a cool machine.

                              Holy Shit Batman!!! its a retro-cade machine!!! Know, i didnt think that this was legal but oh-well. Basically an X-in-1 machine setup on a nice big 33" cab. Notice that there is another idiot tourist taking a picture of this!!! damn flash.

                              It seems that alot of developers are trying to cash in on the whole initial D thing. Here is yet another attempt. Wangan Midnight R, also in the same vein as Tokyo Highway Battle.

                              Replay had a good selection of 2d and 3d fighters as well. Here you can see the older style versus city cabs. One on the left with Neo-Geo Battle Colloseum, Middle was King of Fighters XI and on the end was a Lurvley sega Naomi with Capcom vs SNK 2, (the jap version!!!!!).

                              Behind this set of machines was also another 3 versus city cabs, featuring tekken and some others. I was a bit peeved with the joysticks on the versus city cabs - an MCA with crappy buttons. It would have been cool to have the seimitsu "outies" and sanwa sticks though.

                              While im on the subject too, Neo Geo Battle coluseum was a bit naf, so too was king of fighters xi. But it still is good to see local ops still supporting 2d fighters. I look foward to seeing if they get in the metal slug game and fist of the north star fighter.


                              Drum Mania V machine, many ppl were playing it when i was there.

                              Here is a line-up of the 50" machine that they've got there. The one of the left was had a toasted screen though. I beleive that it was Tekken 4, so now big loss . In the middle there was the very popular Street Fighter 3 Third Strike machine, -much loved by all patrons, as can be seen by the thick layers of dead scin around the joysticks!!!

                              On the far right, just out of screen was a large 33" King of Fighters 2003 machine. and too the far left was a bowling game.

                              Also of interest was a breeders cup game and a merit touchscreen system (set up in a namco exceleena) to the left of this picture.


                              This was where i stopped taking pictures because i think that the operator was going to confront me, so i left with my bounty!!! Anyway, of ineterest there was a naomi universal cab with Zombie Revenge, a Megalo 410 with Virtua Tennis and some other cabs with various older games, incl Raiden 2!!!.

                              There were like 8 or 10 daytona machine too in this one location. Man this game must have made some money in its time!! There was also the obligitory DDR machines, but this time there wasnt any fat middle aged white dudes playing it by themselves -instead was a pair of goth chics

                              Overall pretty cool arcade, just wish there was more of em'


                              I was just finishing the last of my christmas shopping when i decided to take a short-cut through the Elizabeth street arcade; shopping arcade that is folks. To my surprise there was a shop set up with just those coin-operated photo-boths; 3 of them infact.

                              I went in and asked the girl working there if i could take some pics and she was cool with it. She said that they had been there for about three weeks. The arcade that it is set up in has got alot of great Asian take-aways and seems to have alot of Asian-focused shops. I hope that they do well in their area.

                              The shop that it was in was a real trip, some of the most psychadelic wall paper i have ever seen.

                              Anyway, here are the pics...

                              These machines were massive too!!! about half as long as a family sedan and pretty high.

                              Here is a picture of the front of the store...
                              (note the awesome wallpaper)

                              The girl working there was real nice and wanted to know about the website. If your into this sorta stuff then you should drop in. Its in the arcade where the piercing shop is, just down from Skinnies records.
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