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Arcade News - KOF XI in Chinatown, Sydney.

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  • Arcade News - KOF XI in Chinatown, Sydney.

    Didn't know where else to post this so I figured it would come under General Arcade - maybe mods you might want to create a sub forum for Arcade News or something.

    Anyway, I have KOF XI up and running in Chinatown at the moment. I'm getting more Japanese cabinets in at this location either this week or next once we have made room for them in the shop and will be running them like this:

    1] KOF XI - Running on a "Versus" City head-to-head cabinet
    2] SF3 3rd Strike - Running on a "Versus City" head-to-head cabinet
    3] Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Running on an "Astro City" single cabinet
    4] KOF 98/02 - Running on an "Astro City" single cabinet

    All cabinets are/will be fitted with brand new Sanwa sticks and buttons.

    KOF XI location:
    "May Chan Hiong"
    Shop 406
    Sussex St,
    SYDNEY 2000

    Opening hours:
    Mon-Thu: 9am-11pm
    Fri-Sat: 9am-1am
    Sun: 9am-11pm

    Other details:
    Cabinet: Sega "Versus City" head-to-head system
    Joysticks: Brand New 100% SANWA [Authentic Japanese]
    Cost: $1=1 Credit

    Check it out!

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    do you guys think we should start up another thread like on the old site where people were listing a few sweet machines at there local arcades so everyone could check them out?

    i thought it was probably the best thread there and it hasn't been started here yet. it was cool cause most of us only visit a couple of arcade places around our area and it's always good to take a 1 - 2 hour trip to a new place with some new games to play.

    i have a few places that weren't listed on the old site

    what does everyone reckon?


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      yeah i can start one up again. If ppl have got pics of there local arcades and what games they have got then send me a pm as i can host images if needed for the site.


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        sounds sweet. it may take me around 2 weeks 2 get some pics but i can start listing and then add them


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